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Knitting Camp Day 3 & Cardigan KAL

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    Lots of progress was made again at Knitting Camp today. Camp is now over for another year, but everyone went home with something accomplished. This morning
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2010
      Lots of progress was made again at Knitting Camp today. Camp is now over for another year, but everyone went home with something accomplished.

      This morning Skip Grettum led a class on figuring pattern details using equations to find "x" (x is the unknown). In another room, several knitters worked on ribbed collars for their cardigans.

      A great lunch was enjoyed by all, followed by Table Talk. Today's discussion topic was the author Debbie Macomber and her books that incorporate knitting. Jason announced that a line of Debbie Macomber yarn will be introduced this fall by the Universal Yarn company. We hope to have a preview at the September Seminar. In the meantime, Debbie Macomber has a great website with free patterns and a Knitters Club.


      In the afternoon Carole led the Closing Ceremony for camp during which everyone was invited to share something they accomplished or show something they completed at camp. A sample of the projects shown included sweaters, ladies tops, afghans and lap throws, LOTS of socks, hats, doll clothes, and of course the camp doily and cardigan Knit-a-longs.

      Pictures of some of the items are in the "Knitting Camp 2010" photo folder.


      Today several people finished their Cardigan KAL (Knit-a-Long) at camp. We also heard from someone participating in the KAL at home who finished a cut and sew cardigan project.

      Ribbed Neck Insert for Sweatshirts

      This is Carole's neck insert that she uses with her Fairisle Sweatshirt Cardigan Band, or it can be added to any sweatshirt to dress it up.

      Machine: standard 4.5 mm machine and ribber or machine with G-Carriage
      G-Carriage Set Up: 2x2 rib
      Yarn: sportweight, such as Tamm 3 ply
      Tension: 7

      Cast on: Large Adult 70 -0- 70
      Regular Adult 65 -0- 65

      Do 45 rows of 2x2 rib.
      Bind off loosely.

      For open cardigan: fold in half and sew front neck edges.

      For regular sweatshirt: fold in half and seam in the back.

      After folding, do a loose sewing machine stitch on the open side to hold it together. Pin into place on inside of sweatshirt, so it can be sewn down in the ditch of the factory attached neckband.

      Knit a complimentary wristlet for the cuffs of your favorite warm garment. There is no need to sew them in so they can be used for denim jackets, coats, or any of your sweaters and sweatshirts.

      For example, if you've made a 2x2 ribbed neckband with red Sportweight yarn, use the same yarn for the two cuffs.

      Machine: standard 4.5mm machine and ribber, or G-Carriage

      Yarn: Tamm Sport 2/7 (or any sport weight)

      Tension: 7, upper yarn mast loose

      Cast on 70 needles.
      Tension 7, do 2x2 rib for 80 rows.
      Tension 10, rib last row.

      Bind off with latch tool by pulling one stitch through the other.
      Or do G-Carriage bind off on Tension 10. Sew side seam.

      Wear with one end turned up; but not exactly in half or it will be too bulky. Don't stitch both ends together because it will appear too thick under the sleeve.
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