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November knitting and stitching news

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    Hello group, hope everyone is enjoying the change of seasons. Take a minute to look outside and see how beautiful the natural colors are. Use nature s color
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2009
      Hello group, hope everyone is enjoying the change of seasons. Take a minute to look outside and see how beautiful the natural colors are. Use nature's "color palette" the next time you are choosing thread or yarn colors.

      I just uploaded a document into the files section that shares some of our experiences with the Silver Reed SK160 knitting machine. A customer asked us about our thoughts for using this model with homespun yarn, and it seemed like a nice thing to share with everybody. We have this model available in our store and have many satisfied customers using this machine.

      Check out the SK160 article in the "files" section in the "Current Knitting Sales 2009" folder.

      There is also a list of consignment and pre-owned knitting machines there.


      Our holiday trees are up in the store and ready to be decorated with your mittens, hats, slippers, baby items and other donations! This is the 19th year of our "Mitten Tree" drive, and hope it will be another success.

      Items can be brought to our store during business hours, or shipped to our store address. Just in the past month we've already received boxes of slippers for servicepeople, infant items for local and national charities, knit stocking caps, and a prayer shawl.


      If you are a fan of machine embroidery, check out the Country Needle yahoo group. She is continuing her free weekly angel designs, and she also has a charitable stitching drive happening this season. It is called the "Festival of Trees Angel Project" and she has collected over a thousand FSL (free standing lace) angels already.

      She has details posted on her group, here:



      Sale prices for hand and machine knit yarns on 1 pound cones, sale prices good through December 18th:

      Estilo, $17.00 (regular $22.95)
      Bebe Tamm - Solids, $17.30 (reg. $19.00)
      Bebe Tamm - Prints, $18.00 (reg. $20.00)
      Micro-Tamm, $23.50 (reg. $26.00)
      Nordic, $16.95 (reg. $18.75)
      Perle, $9.50
      Rayito, $18.75 (reg. $20.50)
      Sport 2/7, $18.20 (reg. $20.00)
      Trenzi, $19.00 (reg. $21.00)

      Here's more info about Tamm yarns, regular prices listed (pound cones for hand or machine knitting):

      Can Cun - 8/26 medium weight, $22.95
      70% acrylic/30% nylon

      Diamante - 2/8 dress yarn, $22.95
      75%acrylic/25% nylon

      Estilo - 2/14 thin dress yarn, $22.95
      60% acrylic/40% nylon

      Rayito - 3/15 medium weight, $20.50
      73% acrylic/27% nylon

      3 ply Astracryl - 3/16 fingering weight, $17.00
      100% acrylic

      Trenzi - 3/16, $21.00
      90% acrylic/10% nylon

      Cristal - 2/12, $19.00
      68% acrylic/32% polyester

      Kitty - 2/14 brushed acrylic, $17.80

      Varsity - heathered look, $18.50
      82% acrylic/18% rayon

      Spirit - novelty, $17.75
      97% acrylic/3% cotton

      Sport 2/7 acrylic, $20.00

      Nordic - $18.75
      acrylic 4-ply for EON on standard gauge, or for Mid-Gauge machines

      Micro Tamm - $26.00
      Approx. 1,771 yards per cone, Great for sweaters and general knitting.
      It has a look of cotton but the soft feel of suede. 100% micro fiber acrylic

      Petit 2/30 - $17.50
      thin acrylic for 4-color jacquard knitting, Thread Lace, and Plating or double strands for double bed tuck

      *new* BEBE by TAMM
      100% Acrylic, 2,236 yards per pound cone
      Suggested knitting tension:
      8 - 9 on standard machines
      2 on mid-gauge machines
      7 for 2 strands on mid-gauge machines
      Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).
      Comments: Sport weight machine knitting yarn. Whether double-up or single it produces a good soft texture for many types of garments. Inexpensive. Ideal for beginner and custom knitters.
      Stitch Gauges:
      standard (1 strand) 6.5 stitches X 9.5 rows (tension 9)
      mid-gauge (2 stands) 5 stitches X 7 rows (tension 7)

      Bebe Solids, $19.00
      Bebe Variegated, $20.00


      (If you don't live near our shop, send us a note about your most recent sewing or knitting adventure!)

      Machine Embroidery Club, Sat. November 7, 10am

      Machine Knit Club, Sat. November 7, 1:30pm.

      FIBER FRIENDS & Spinning Circle meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6-9pm, for knitting (hand or machine), crochet, spinning, fiber arts. Next: Tuesday, November 17, 6-9pm.

      Customer Appreciation Day: Sat. December 5, 2009 at our store. Stay tuned for details and a special sale for our online readers on that day.
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