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yarn sale, rugmaking, nalbinding, sewing projects for summer and more...

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hi everybody! Hope you are enjoying spring. I ve made some small updates online, so you can look at pictures from our latest knitting pattern newsletter,
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      Hi everybody! Hope you are enjoying spring.

      I've made some small updates online, so you can look at pictures from our latest knitting pattern newsletter, download Seminar registration forms, and see pictures from Carole's knitting machine Seminar in Canada and the Sock Knitting event at Rocking Horse Farm. Check the "photos" and "files" sections of this yahoo group.



      Check out the fantastic colors of this new yarn, on sale until May 29th:


      Also, there are variegated and combination colors on sale until May 29th:



      We are busy working on RUG ideas for the summer Rocking Horse News. This includes using knit strips to make rugs, as well as an article about Wagon Wheel Rag Rugs (by request of a long time subscriber).

      If you have any thoughts about making rugs of any kind, feel free to share them with us in the next few weeks.

      The next issue is being prepared for July.


      Another topic for the next newsletter is NALBINDING.

      At Rocking Horse Farm we are always looking for exciting new things to share with our readers! Last July we demonstrated at a Fiber Festival in North Dakota where a class was offered in NÃ¥lbinding (a Norwegian word that means "needle binding"). The demonstrator used an old toothbrush made into a needle to create rugs using the NÃ¥lbinding technique. After some searching, we found a source for needles and rug patterns so we could share this with you! We sell Aunt Philly's Toothbrush Rug Needle, $3.00 +s/h.

      Aunt Philly (from www.auntphillys.com ) says, "Our needles used to be made from toothbrushes, until they stopped putting the holes in the handle. Now we make the needle thinner for increasing, smoother surface for easy stitching and larger hole for easy threading."

      "The Toothbrush Rug is made from torn strips of fabric and a Toothbrush Needle. These rugs are quick to make and require no sewing and have a fast tearing technique which shows you how to tear all your fabric in just minutes. All projects are machine washable, dryable and last for years!"

      "Making rugs is fast, easy and fun. I can make a rug in a day (8 hrs). They work up fast because there isn't any sewing and we can tear all of our strips of fabric in a couple of minutes. One basic stitch allows the rug to be made quickly and with ease. Many rugs that are hand made are hard on your hands. Our rug making method is relaxing. The stitch we use is similar to a blanket or button-hole stitch."

      "Rugs that are made with 100% cotton are the best. The fabric strips have less raveling. Cotton is more absorbent, has more loft, also very soft and nicer on the hands while making it. However, rugs can be made from old clothing and sheets."

      Oval Rug Booklet:
      Detailed Easy Instructions. Any size oval rug can be made with these instructions. An 18" X 36" rug requires nine yards of fabric. $9.00 +s/h


      As I write this message, a group of CSM (round sock machine) enthusiasts is meeting at Rocking Horse Farm. There is a variety of antique round knitting machines here, including machines by Legare, AutoKnitter, Tuttle, and Gearhart.

      It's a lively and fun group, and several pairs of socks and other projects are taking shape. Some of the attendees have brought Toy Dolls made on the machines to donate to a shelter. Everyone on hand enjoyed an excellent pot-luck meal.

      The next gathering of this group of enthusiasts from several states will be on Saturday, October 17th at Rocking Horse Farm. (If you live in other places, check online for CSM gatherings near you.)

      I've already posted pictures of today's gathering in the "photos" section of this group.


      We are excited to have the excellent sewing and machine embroidery instructor Barb Kuklok offering some workshops for our Sewing & Embroidery Camp, July 16-18, 2009 (a downloadable registration form has been posted in our "files" section for a few months).

      Pictures of Barb's projects are also posted. They include a new Table Runner project, and a stylish T-Shirt with lace.


      Our next event at Rocking Horse Farm is the annual KNITTING MACHINE CAMP, in June. There aren't any spots available at the current time, however... but if you are interested, check back in case there is a cancelation.

      Registrations are still being taken for the SEPTEMBER SEMINAR! Download your registration form and send it in today.
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