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April news: nothing foolish about April Fools Day!

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    Hi friends, here is an update about what we are up to at the shops of Rocking Horse Farm. This past weekend Carole, Jerome, Barb and others from the Machine
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
      Hi friends, here is an update about what we are up to at the shops of Rocking Horse Farm.

      This past weekend Carole, Jerome, Barb and others from the Machine Embroidery Club attended DAX 2009. DAX is the Decorated Apparel Expo that is held each year for professionals in the machine embroidery industry. There are seminars, vendors, exhibits and more.


      If you go to this link, you will see Carole and Jerome in the picture on the right, where you can click on "Exhibit at DAX." I don't know what year this was taken, but it had to be before this year. I wasn't aware they were featured on the DAX homepage!

      In other news, we've recently been having a challenging time with our email program. It is one of those little glitches that seems to come and go randomly. Sometimes it sends and receives messages, other times it only receives messages. If you've written to us recently but didn't get a reply, I appreciate your patience. Otherwise, feel free to call 320-252-2996 for a quicker response.

      In other news, we've had some spring-like weather recently but today received a bit of snow. It will melt soon, but it's a reminder that weather is unpredictable. Please remember in your thoughts the people in the Red River valley area and other places who are experiencing flood danger. We have a lot of readers and friends who are currently in some danger.

      In 1997 the Red River of the North (on the border of Minnesota and the Dakota's and continuing to Winnipeg) flooded and ROCKING HORSE FARM participated in a project to collect knitting equipment, yarn and knitting machines to donate to those who lost their supplies in the flood. We also were in contact with several charitable organizations working with victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. If you are aware of knitting friends who have lost items due to a natural disaster, consider organizing a collection to help them replace their lost equipment.

      In other news, Carole will be out of the store for a few days this week (but the store is still open). She will return on Saturday for Club meetings. She has been busy working on Seminar classes for upcoming teaching engagements, and working with Skip on their new book of Knitted Suit patterns.


      ~As usual, we have Embroidery Club and Machine Knit Club on the first
      Saturday of every month. These are free and there are often new faces
      at club, so you will feel welcome.

      Machine Embroidery Club, Sat. April 4, 10am-noon

      Machine Knit Club, Sat. April 4 (not April 1st!), 1:30-4:00. Demonstration: TBA

      Carole teaching at PURLS OF JOY SEMINAR, April 24-25. Store should still be open during this time.

      CSM ROUND SOCK MACHINE KNITTERS from the Upper Midwest meet at
      Rocking Horse Farm on the 3rd Saturday of January, May, and October
      in 2009. (Summer is off for people to attend the national conference
      June 8-11.) The next gathering will be in May.

      FIBER FRIENDS meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6-9pm, for
      knitting (hand or machine), crochet, spinning, fiber arts.

      Knitting "Camp" ~ June 4-6, 2009 **registration is limited**

      Sewing & Embroidery Machine "Camp" ~ July 16-18, 2009

      SEPTEMBER SEMINAR ~ September 17-19, 2009
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