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Marching into Spring... spring colors, yarn sale, and more news

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello friends! Spring is in the air and a wonderful little miracle happened at Rocking Horse Farm. Last fall I brought in a potted Bleeding Heart plant. It s
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      Hello friends! Spring is in the air and a wonderful little miracle happened at Rocking Horse Farm. Last fall I brought in a potted "Bleeding Heart" plant. It's a perennial which should have stayed outside, but when the first freeze was upon us I realized that I hadn't planted it in the ground in time. I wasn't sure if allowing it to "hibernate" indoors would be a good idea, so I set the pot under a table in the craft shop and mostly forgot about it. There was nothing left but a dry stem when I brought it in, but just today I looked at it again and there are two tiny pale green shoots, not quite an inch tall, with 3 pale pink tiny "hearts" on them. There can't be a better sign that spring is around the corner!

      Check out the new picture on the homepage of this Yahoo Group. According to a recent article, the colors for spring 2009 include the soft colors found in a roll of Necco Wafers. Keep that in mind when selecting colors for your projects in the next few weeks!

      Here is a free handknitting pattern from Lion Brand Yarn for a spring-colored egg shaped Hot Pad:



      The following yarns are on sale until the end of March:

      Can Cun: $20.95, Reg. $22.95

      Cristal: $17.30, Reg. $19.00

      Petit: $15.95, Reg. $17.50


      There is a fun Machine Knitting FAQ article on the web that describes the amount of muscle tone that can be achieved from machine knitting, and other humorous suggestions:



      Setup cables on the knitting machine or ribber bed, then add your favorite tuck pattern! This booklet includes an improved cable cross method on either the knitting machine or the ribber. Suitable for all brands and gauges of knitting machine, very well illustrated with clear instructions. $19.95 +s/h.


      As usual, we have Embroidery Club and Machine Knit Club on the first
      Saturday of every month. These are free and there are often new faces
      at club, so you will feel welcome.

      Machine Embroidery Club, Sat. March 7, 10am-noon

      Machine Knit Club, Sat. March 7, 1:30-4:00. Demonstration: Lace on the knitting machine, using the Lace Carriage, also Thread Lace & Punch Lace techniques. All Lace and Thread Lace patterns will be on sale, and there will be a special $5.00 off sale on books by designers Sandee Cherry and Charlene Shafer (while supplies last).

      CSM ROUND SOCK MACHINE KNITTERS from the Upper Midwest meet at
      Rocking Horse Farm on the 3rd Saturday of January, May, and October
      in 2009. (Summer is off for people to attend the national conference
      June 8-11.) The next gathering will be in May.

      FIBER FRIENDS meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6-9pm, for
      knitting (hand or machine), crochet, spinning, fiber arts.

      Knitting "Camp" ~ June 4-6, 2009 **registration is limited**

      Sewing & Embroidery Machine "Camp" ~ July 16-18, 2009

      SEPTEMBER SEMINAR ~ September 17-19, 2009
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