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    Knitting & Stitching Blog entry for Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008: Today was the first day of the September Seminar. We had a wonderful evening, despite the last
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2008
      Knitting & Stitching Blog entry for Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008:

      Today was the first day of the September Seminar. We had a wonderful
      evening, despite the last minute rush of getting everything together
      in time. No matter how much pre-planning is done, things can change
      at the last minute and need to be revised. I was still revising the
      class schedule and reprinting it 15 minutes before registration was
      scheduled to open!

      During the day demonstrators arrived and set up their classroom and
      vendor areas. Skip Grettum was the first to arrive and ended up
      helping arrange chairs and assemble books after setting up her
      classroom and sales table.

      Marcia Hauser flew in from New York and unpacked beautiful samples of
      new things not seen in our area before. She is a very creative
      knitter and fiber artist. She has a lot of jewelry on display and
      will be teaching knitted jewelry and other techniques.

      Ileen and Mike Levy from Missouri were the next to arrive, and wasted
      no time setting up a nice display of special sock yarns, pattern
      books, and garment samples. They have a display of doll clothes, and
      I'm not sure if they are miniature samples of garments or actually
      items intended for dolls. I guess we will find out tomorrow when the
      demonstrators introduce themselves at the Morning Assembly. Mike Levy
      is going to be working with people who use or are interested in the
      Design-A-Pattern charting software program. I know he will be
      advising people on the latest update of their program.

      As other demonstrators arrived and set up displays the potluck picnic
      began. There was plenty of great food. Afterwards, attendees could
      pick up their registration packets and seminar books.

      Several mini-sessions were given, including Carole Wurst's
      demonstration of needle felting ideas and new equipment; Marcia
      Hauser's demonstration of creating art with knitted pieces, styrofoam
      plate, a glue gun and metallic paint; and Kris Boland's presentation
      of things to crochet with, crochet on, or ways to crochet. I can tell
      she is an excellent teacher, and I learned more from looking at her
      display than reading a book on crochet.

      After the mini-sessions we had a Chocolate Tasting Experience modeled
      after the one I experienced in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Everyone in
      attendance got to sample various types of chocolate including milk
      chocolate, dark chocolate, roasted cocoa nibs (what chocolate is made
      from), and types of dark chocolate. We sampled special candy bars
      made by Hershey's, ScharfenBerger, Climate Change Chocolate, Free
      Trade Chocolate, Endangered Species Chocolate, and Coronado. Each
      piece had a different taste, smell, hardness, meltability and
      aftertaste. What did this have to do with fiber arts? Nothing at all,
      except that a lot of people like chocolate. :)

      Tomorrow we begin with classes at 9am. I hope to be able to describe
      several of the knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet and other
      classes in a blog post tomorrow night.
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