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    Hi everyone, this will be a true blog post. I wanted to make one every day this week while we prepare for and host the SEPTEMBER SEMINAR... but so far it s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2008
      Hi everyone, this will be a true "blog" post. I wanted to make one
      every day this week while we prepare for and host the SEPTEMBER
      SEMINAR... but so far it's been a hectic week and I didn't have a
      chance to get it done until now!

      Each year we host this event, and tomorrow the 17th annual September
      Seminar will begin.

      Tonight we are busy with last minute details, such as making
      decorations for the Demonstrator's nametags, using various strands of
      blue and green novelty yarns and threads to match our theme "Think
      Green." We also had several registrations today and needed to make
      several more packets. Each registrant receives a packet with a
      Pattern Book and Store Catalog, coupon and sale sheets for use during
      the Seminar, textile and fiber arts resource directories, some fun
      items relating to the "Green" theme, a pen and note paper, and more.

      Fred and Jason spent the day preparing the site for the Seminar,
      including posting signs and setting up classroom areas. This year
      there are 10 classroom areas that will have on-going sessions Friday
      and Saturday.

      Tomorrow (Thursday) is a sort of fun day for Seminar guests, with a
      potluck picnic in the evening and registration at 7:00pm. Of course
      we are busy beforehand, greeting demonstrators and helping them set
      up. Some of the demonstrators need to be picked up at the airport and
      shuttled to the site.

      Carole spent the day putting out new materials, yarns and felting
      equipment. She is also in charge of the meals during the Seminar, and
      spends a lot of time and energy on that preparation.

      We have had a busy week not only with Seminar preparation, but two
      unexpected funerals that came up. One was a neighbor and the other
      was the Father-in-Law of Fred and Carole's daughter.

      There are still chairs to be set up, displays to organize, contest
      entries to check on, and books to sort out. I am going to end
      this "blog" journal entry and will write again tomorrow.

      Jason at Rocking Horse Farm.
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