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January 2005 news from RHFarm

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    Hello, hope some of you can make use of the bulky baby mitten pattern. You will notice that I ve changed the format of this group/mailing list to have files
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
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      Hello, hope some of you can make use of the bulky baby mitten pattern.

      You will notice that I've changed the format of this group/mailing
      list to have files and photos accessible from the home page. To kick
      off the new file section, there is a printable schedule for the DAK
      seminar we are hosting on January 22. More features may be made
      available in the future.

      The January issue of the Rocking Horse News was mailed in December.
      If you did not receive a copy, your subscription may have expired. I
      will happily check our records if you ask.

      Remember that we have a nice stock of "Landscapes" Yarn Dyes from New
      Zealand. They aren't listed on our website, but they are in our store
      catalog (Fiber World).

      Carole is working on an article for INKnitters magazine about plying
      yarns using a spinning wheel for use on knitting machines or for
      knitting by hand.

      Jerry has a huge variety of backings and stabalizers, as well as
      beautiful wood thread cases with clear fronts. He will also be
      scheduling another digitizing class soon. Jerry will also be
      demonstrating at the "Purls of Joy" seminar on April 29-30, 2005 in
      Moundsview, Minnesota. Contact him at greenwing@... for info.

      We sold a number of tilt stands before the holidays. We found
      ourselves sending pictures of the completed stand and method of
      attaching knitting machine clamps. So, I thought it might be
      beneficial to post these pictures on the website for all to see. Look
      for a new page devoted to "Knitting Machine Tilt Stands" coming soon!
      In the meantime, you can purchase a stand with assembly instructions
      for $96 +shipping.

      DAK Seminar:
      Details are in the newsletter, or check out the file section.
      Participants should bring a laptop/notebook computer with DAK already

      PURLS OF JOY Seminar:
      Registration materials will be available soon. There will be 12
      demonstrators for machine embroidery and machine knitting.

      For the past few years we've had spinning guilds and a hand knitting
      club at our shop. We are pleased to announce a NEW group that will
      meet once a month involving hand knitting, crochet, spinning and
      fiber arts in general. We are calling it "FIBER FRIENDS" which may
      sound a bit corny, but we are determined to make this an all-
      inclusive group for people of all interests and skill levels. This
      will be a FREE group. FIBER FRIENDS will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of
      each month from 6-9pm. Bring your knitting needles, projects,
      spinning wheel, whatever. We will do "show and tell," have coffee,
      occasional demonstrations and most of all FRIENDLY chat. Bring
      questions about projects... we can all help each other.

      There are some changes due to the holiday being on a Saturday~

      Machine Embroidery: Saturday Jan. 8, 10am (free)

      Machine Knitting: Saturday Jan. 8, 1:30pm (free)

      Fiber Friends: Tuesday, Jan. 18, 6pm (free)

      Antique Round Sock Knitting Machine gathering: Sat. January 15, 10-6

      Knitting Software (DAK) Seminar: Sat. Jan. 22 ($25 fee)

      Mid-America Knitting Extravaganza, April 8-9 in Kansas City. Carole
      is one of the demonstrators.

      SILVER TEA at Rocking Horse Farm: Sat. February 5. 1:30pm. We are
      arranging a style show of items from KNITWORDS magazine.

      Items related to knitting software (DAK) will be available at special
      prices during the DAK seminar. Afterwards, remaining items will be
      made available on this list.

      Yarn sales: there will be an upcoming sale of Trenzado yarn in the
      month of February.

      That's all the news, happy new year.
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