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Come spin and knit with us!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hi, you are invited to come spin and/or knit with Fiber Friends on Tuesday Oct. 16, 6-9pm at Rocking Horse Farm. Bring your spinning wheel, knitting,
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      Hi, you are invited to come spin and/or knit with "Fiber Friends" on
      Tuesday Oct. 16, 6-9pm at Rocking Horse Farm. Bring your spinning
      wheel, knitting, crocheting or anything else you are working on. (If
      you live too far away from our store to attend, we encourage you to
      find a local guild or start your own group of Fiber Friends!)

      We have a special trunk show of knitted and felted items from FIBER
      SPACE that we will share this month. The trunk show includes knitted
      and felted hats in 2 styles, bags, fish, seahorses, turtles, and
      other novelty items including a felted barrel cactus to decorate your
      table top! All of the items in the trunk show are made from Brown
      Sheep yarn, and we have a great new selection of colors in stock to
      make the projects. We even have an advance shipment of the brand new
      variegated colors that aren't even in all of the stores yet!

      We will also have a short program called "Scarves before Snow"
      featuring a wide range of scarf and shawl examples suitable for year-
      round wear.

      We hope to see you on Tuesday evening! Bring something to work on, a
      show-and-tell item (if you wish) and a snack to share (optional). We
      will provide coffee and tea. If you need directions or other info,
      call Carole at 320-252-2996. There is no charge for this event. Bring
      a friend!

      P.S. If you can't attend this event, we will continue to gather each
      month on the third Tuesday, 6-9pm at Rocking Horse Farm. Mark your


      Antique round sock knitting machine owners of the Upper Midwest are
      invited to our next gathering on Saturday, Oct. 20th. We have had CSM
      owners from several states and Canada join us for this gathering in
      the past. We will begin at 10am and continue til 6pm (or earlier).
      Lunch is potluck, there is no charge for this event. Bring your
      working sock machine to knit something, demonstrator Deb Oswald is
      here to assist you. OR--- bring a non-working machine to show Pete
      Oswald for assistance with cleaning/maintenance/repair.

      If you are not familiar with antique round sock machines, there are
      pictures available in the "photos" section of this yahoo group. Some
      familiar manufacturer names are Auto Knitter, Gearhart, Harmony, Home
      Profit, Lamb, and Legare. The machines have round cylinders holding
      specific gauges of needles and a crank to knit. Some machines have
      ribber attachments.

      The machines were manufactured mostly in the late 1800's and early
      1900's. A good reference book with pictures of the historic and
      collectible machines is available for purchase. Contact our store for

      Other items we have in stock for antique round sock machine owners:

      ~instructional videos called "The Joy of Sox" by John Loeffenholz,
      Video 1 (socks) and Video 2 (mittens) $19.95 each +s/h.

      ~new replacement 12 gauge needles for Gearhart machines, $1.00 each
      +s/h (quantity limited)

      ~Fred's Tool, a long handled latch tool for picking up dropped
      stitches (also used by regular machine knitters) $5.00 +s/h

      ~yarn, yarn and more yarn... suitable for CSM round sock machines,
      $6.99/lb and up.

      The national CSMSA convention for antique round sock machine knitters
      will be held on June 22-26, 2008 in Nashville, Indiana. Carole and
      Fred plan to attend this event to operate a sales booth for Rocking
      Horse Farm.

      Visit the official event website here:

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