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August news: Floriani threads, Tamm yarns, buttonhole hint, more....

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello group, August is here! Soon we will need to think about warm things to wear when the weather changes. As I write this message, I am a bit distracted by
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
      Hello group, August is here! Soon we will need to think about warm
      things to wear when the weather changes.

      As I write this message, I am a bit distracted by the news of the
      Highway Bridge collapse in Minneapolis that occured about an hour
      ago. I'm also distracted by the lack of rain in our area that has all
      but decimated our garden.

      These occurences serve as a reminder that it's important to take time
      for ourselves once in awhile, to give our mind a rest by doing
      something relaxing or stress-relieving... and what better activity
      than a fiber art project! Stitching, sewing, knitting (etc.) are
      excellent activities that challenge the mind but help us temporarily
      forget about our worries. And there is always a brilliant "pay-off"
      at the end of the project when there is a hand-made item to enjoy.

      Remember that we have a large stock of FLORIANI sewing and embroidery
      threads, with a special in-store price. We can also ship to your
      door! This is a reliable high-quality thread at a great price.

      **** HINT! ****
      Attention machine knitters: Floriani thread can be used on your
      knitting machine too! Run it through the yarn feeder along with other
      yarn to add an accent (such as a silver thread with red yarn) or to
      add strength to knits (such as a slipper heel area).

      For those who prefer working only with yarn, TAMM Trenzi YARN is on
      sale until the end of August. This is excellent yarn on 1 pound cones
      for knitting and crochet. Are you a hand-knitter or crocheter who
      hasn't tried knitting from cones??? Wow, are you in for a surprise!
      You will love the ease of knitting or crocheting when the yarn comes
      off the cone gracefully while you work. And forget about checking all
      the Lot and Dye numbers on a bunch of regular skeins... but best of
      all, forget about knotting skeins together! TAMM TRENZI fingering
      weight easy-care acrylic is $17.95/pound, all colors except white.

      **** BUTTONHOLE HINT! ****
      Carole recently knit some fairisle buttonhole bands for a cardigan
      project. She passes along this hint, suitable any time you are doing
      a knit project that requires buttons: When knitting the side that
      will have buttons attached (opposite of the buttonhole side) place a
      YARN MARKER at the precise location where the button needs to be
      attached. Use small scraps of leftover waste yarn, approximately 5
      inches long, to hang in the knitting machine needle latch. You can
      remove these very easily later, and won't have to guess or "eyeball"
      the location for the buttons! It's so much easier to mark the
      location while knitting.

      Upcoming Events for area readers or travellers:

      Embroidery Club at Rocking Horse Farm, Sat. August 4, (free) 10am.

      Knitting Club, Sat. August 4, (free) 1:30pm. Bring snack to share
      and "show & tell."

      Fiber Friends knit/spin/crochet is off for this month.

      September Seminar for machine knitting & embroidery, Sept. 6-8.


      Thanks to everyone who have sent feedback about the ROCKING HORSE
      NEWS. People seem to love the "multi-purpose" knit sock pattern, and
      have reported using a variety of yarns with success. Don't forget to
      take advantage of the special subscriber offer for G Carriage
      knitting patterns, or the felted animal template kit!

      Happy knitting and sewing!
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