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May knitting and stitching news

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello group! We ve just finished a busy weekend teaching at the Purls of Joy Seminar. It was nice to see many readers there, and meet new friends as well. But
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30 9:45 PM
      Hello group! We've just finished a busy weekend teaching at the Purls
      of Joy Seminar. It was nice to see many readers there, and meet new
      friends as well. But now it's time to get ready for all the fun May
      sales and activities we have planned.

      First, I would like to tell you about our recent felting endeavors. A
      few weeks ago Carole was asked to make a piece of fabric that could
      be used to strain maple sap. Yes, you read that correctly! We didn't
      even realize there were people in our area who tapped maple trees to
      collect sap and make syrup. But an elderly gentleman visited the shop
      and described the type of fabric strainer he was told to find and use
      with the process. So, Carole went to work knitting some natural wool
      fabric on the knitting machine, using wool that wasn't chemically
      dyed or bleached, and felted it slightly so there wasn't a lot of
      space inbetween stitches. (Felting experts will call this "fulling.")
      She placed the damp felted fabric on a cone-shaped cylinder to dry,
      ocassionally forming it to the cone. The end result was a slightly
      funnel-shaped straining cloth! Pretty cool, huh.

      We are hosting a hands-on Felt Animal workshop on Sunday, May 6. It
      is open to area youth and adults, and is being coordinated by a local
      4-H Club. The club sponsors an event called "4-H Sunday" each year at
      Rocking Horse Farm on the first Sunday in May. Past 4-H Sunday's have
      featured gardening, science, home-ec and other types of workshops for
      youth and their parents. This year, the group has decided to make
      Felted Animals to donate to a local hospital's children's ward. The
      hands-on workshop is open to any adults or youth (12 and up) who wish
      to make a felted animal using pre-felted fabric and/or needle felting
      technique. Cost is $2 or $3 to cover materials: Sunday May 6, 1pm at
      Rocking Horse Farm.

      Other Felting news: We have a large supply of various gauges of
      felting needles, as well as the Clover Brand Felter.

      Just arrived: a new book from "Living Felt" called NUNO FELT PURSE,
      $12.99 +s/h. Also from "Living Felt" is the booklet by Marie
      Spaulding called APPLIED FELT: Fun ways to apply handmade felt to
      things you find just about anywhere!" This is also $12.99 +s/h. Both
      of these books are fantastic because they feature tons of color
      pictures that show the step-by-step project instructions.

      We also have a new stock of kits from Blue Goose Farms! Kits are
      available with full-color instructions, fiber, needle, and all other
      supplies to make fun animals: a teddy bear, a duck, or a bunny. Kits
      are $19.95 each +s/h. I will post pictures of these and send more
      information in an upcoming message.

      In other news...... the Spring Issue of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS has
      been mailed to -most- subscribers. We have had some unfortunate
      problems with our printing equipment, so some mailings have been
      delayed. But I promise that this issue is worth the wait! Everything
      in this issue relates to the theme "THINK GREEN" including the
      patterns, yarn news, technique tips, recipe, and other tidbits. The
      featured pattern for a cotton bag (pictured on the homepage of this
      Yahoo Group) has gotten a lot of buzz on knitting chatlists and at
      the Purls of Joy seminar. Don't miss reading this issue!

      I have a lot of other exciting news to share, but I will save it for
      a future message. For now, I will end with a bit of news for our
      local readers and our readers from far away who are making summer
      travel plans... be sure to include ROCKING HORSE FARM in summer
      travel plans!!!

      Our next meeting of Embroidery Club: Saturday, May 5, 10am (free)

      Machine Knitting Club: Saturday, May 5, 1:30pm (free)

      Make-and-Take Felted Animal Workshop: Sunday, May 6, 1pm ($2 or $3
      fee for materials)

      Carole will be teaching at the SHEPHERD's HARVEST Sheep and Wool
      Festival on May 12 & 13, in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. More information
      about this event is on the website.

      Fiber Friends spinning/handknit/crochet/etc. : Tuesday, May 15, 6pm

      Circular Sock Machine enthusiasts of the Upper Midwest meet at our
      store on Saturday, May 19, 10-6 (free, lunch is potluck)

      Carole will be teaching at the MIDWEST KNITTER'S RETREAT on May 25-26
      in Belleville, Illinois (suburb of Saint Louis, Missouri) details are
      available at http://www.knitworks.biz/

      Machine Knitting "Camp" at Rocking Horse Farm in Saint Cloud,
      Minnesota (bring your machine and KNIT): June 7-9, 2007 (registration
      form is in the ROCKING HORSE NEWS)

      Sewing and Embroidery "Camp" will be in July. Registration form
      available in ROCKING HORSE NEWS or request by email.

      More to come...

      Until next time, happy knitting and stitching.
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