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update on "Yarn Emergency," soap with embedded stitching, and more...

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hi everybody, our recent snowstorm wasn t too bad but it was the deepest snow we ve had this winter. Other states and provinces had much worse storms, so we
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2007
      Hi everybody, our recent snowstorm wasn't too bad but it was the
      deepest snow we've had this winter. Other states and provinces had
      much worse storms, so we hope everybody was able to stay warm and

      Thanks for everybody who sent a message offering to help with the
      "yarn emergency." We haven't found any of the yarn to finish the
      garment yet, so if you think you might be able to help, keep us in

      Some of you asked me to list the color, unfortunately Denys Brunton didn't have color names and only used numbers... so the color is "SH 2WA." It is a combination of light-rose and off-white. I've uploaded a picture of the remaining bit of Magicolour on the home page of this Yahoo Group so people can see the color.

      I also wanted to alert people to the new group of pics in the
      "photos" section of this yahoo group. There are pictures of the
      recent classes here showing how to create unique specialty soaps that
      have your own personal stitching embedded inside the bar.


      For those who might want to read more about the yarn emergency, here
      is a little bit of the story...

      One of our customers is a retired person who doesn't access the
      internet. She began a sweater using Denys Brunton Magicolour but ran
      out just before finishing the last sleeve. She didn't realize that
      the yarn hasn't been available for quite a few years. When she came
      to our store, she was very disappointed and asked if we could check
      around to see if anyone might have some stashed away.

      Denys Brunton yarns was manufactured in the UK and imported to the US
      by a company in Ohio, and imported to Canada by a company in British
      Columbia. The yarn came on cones and was very popular with
      handknitters and machine knitters because of the special color
      patterns that would develop as it knit. It isn't a variegated yarn,
      but more like a twist of different colors in random patterns.
      Otherwise it would compare to Bramwell's Instant Fairisle or Skacel's
      Trekking XXL Skein Yarn for Socks (both available for purchase at our
      store). Those are the variegated yarns that magically create stripes
      as they knit. Denys Brunton Magicolour didn't necessarily create
      uniform stripes, it was a more random pattern.

      ----YARN HINT-----
      A useful hint about yarn is part of this story, too. Denys Brunton
      Magicolour was advertised as a 4 Ply yarn, but it doesn't look as
      thick as the worsted weight 4 Ply we are accustomed to seeing in the
      USA. This is because 4 Ply in the UK (England) is totally different
      than US 4 ply.

      Therefore, Denys Brunton Magicolour 4 Ply is comparable to a sport
      weight in the USA.

      Keep this fact in mind when you are looking at knitting patterns in
      magazines... if the pattern says "4 Ply Yarn" it is wise to know
      where the pattern was printed. Check the fine print at the bottom of
      the page for a US copyright or British information. Knowing the
      country of origin will make a huge difference!


      Other news tidbits:

      We sell all types of blocking and steaming equipment at our store. We
      offer Jiffy J2 and J2000 steamers for use by knitters and garment
      makers. We also have the Clover miniature irons, and the insulated
      Cooling Bags for safe storage.

      Tired of your clunky old ironing board? Try a lightweight, folding
      blocking board! They are called "SEW E-Z" and sell for $69.00 +s/h.
      We just got a new shipment in and can send one anywhere. They are
      32x50 inches, have a water resistant lining, and make an excellent
      lap table.

      We are working on a special idea for the Spring 2007 issue of the
      ROCKING HORSE NEWS. Have you renewed your subscription? It is
      available in print form only, and always features new ideas or
      patterns for knitting enthusiasts and other fiber artists.


      Happy knitting and sewing, and keep warm until Spring!

      P.S. We will be anouncing the dates of our KNITTING and SEWING/EMBROIDERY RETREATS and September Seminar very soon!
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