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Happy knitting, sewing and more... in the New Year!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello friends, snow has finally come to Rocking Horse Farm. I happened to check the weather outside this morning around 5am, it was raining and water puddles
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2006
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      Hello friends, snow has finally come to Rocking Horse Farm. I happened
      to check the weather outside this morning around 5am, it was raining
      and water puddles stood everywhere. But a few hours later, everything
      was covered with a new, clean blanket of white snowflakes. This is the
      first inch of snow we've had at our location in central Minnesota this

      The first snow of the season is always so white and bright, it is a
      great symbol for a fresh start and a clean slate. It seems fitting to
      arrive in time for a new year. Now we can forget about having a "brown
      Christmas" and think ahead.

      We are keeping this attitude at Rocking Horse Farm for the new year,
      too. This means "house-cleaning" and bringing in fresh, new ideas and
      products. To make room, we have cleaned and re-tested some of our
      stock of knitting supplies and have sorted through our book and
      pattern overstocks. In a few days we will be announcing a huge sale of
      used and consignment knitting machines and equipment, new overstock
      knitting books, hand knitting needles, machine embroidery and knitting
      magazines, and more. The first announcement will be made to this
      mailing list. We are excited about this! It feels like it will be our
      biggest sale event ever!

      We are also preparing a brand new issue of our print publication,
      subscribers should expect it to arrive at their home soon after the
      first of the year. Please note that in the USA there is no mail
      delivery on January 1 (holiday) OR January 2 (this year only, official
      day of mourning for Past President Ford) so orders from us may seem to
      take a bit longer.

      I've received some inquiries about upcoming classes and events at
      Rocking Horse Farm in 2007. We hope to list all of our plans and
      announce details (including new and fresh ideas!) soon, so everyone
      can mark them on their new 2007 calendars. Events will include
      Knit-Ins, Embroidery Machine Camp, retreats and a new event in September.

      Here is a quick tip for everyone as you make a "fresh start" in 2007:
      always be careful in your work area when using pins or needles. When
      you are finished with them, MAKE SURE to put them in a pin cushion
      AWAY from any equipment. Just this past week Fred had to take apart an
      entire machine which was not working. He expected the machine to need
      its' electronics replaced, which is time consuming and expensive for
      the customer. Surprisingly, the entire problem with the machine was
      fixed when he dislodged a tiny safety pin that had somehow managed to
      get into the casing and get stuck in some wires. It's a mystery as to
      how it got in there.... gremlins, perhaps? It's just best to keep
      pins, needles, and other small items away from knitting machines, and
      sewing machines, and electronic yarn winders, electronic fiber
      carders, and ANYTHING else you rely on for your fiber crafts.

      Hey, that's a good New Year's Resolution, isn't it?

      Happy New Year!
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