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Holiday season is here! It's a busy time for knitting, spinning, embroidery...

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Some are already celebrating Kwanzaa and Hannukah and Christmas & New Year s Day is right around
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2006
      Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Some are
      already celebrating Kwanzaa and Hannukah and Christmas & New Year's
      Day is right around the corner. I'm a little behind on updates, but I
      would like to share what two of our readers have been up to lately.

      Roxanne S. wrote and shared this story about felting with her son:
      "Hello to all my fiber loving friends and anyone else who might
      appreciate the time and effort put into this project. Eli and I made
      a felt snake from his favorite sheep, Snowy. He helped skirt the
      fleece, wash the wool, pick it and lay it out to felt it. He also
      dyed the wool that we used for stripes with natural dyes. Then he
      helped work the felt with his hands, his feet, and anything else I
      would let him use. We wrapped it in sheets and put it in the washer
      to work it some more. Then we cut it open and took the plastic
      pattern out and stuffed it. Mom did some needle felting to patch a
      few spots and then washed it again. It could still use some more "mom
      work" time to fix a few things, but we are pretty happy with it and
      proud of it! It measures over 6 feet long!"

      Nancyrose shared this: Hi, I'm new to the forum, and was invited to
      join after inquiring about finding a copy of the manual for the Silver
      Ribber Attachment that goes with my antique Studio SK-303 knitting
      machine. I have knitted a hat on the machine, using one of the stitch
      patterns that came with the machine in two little packets of cards
      that show pictures of swatches, and which knobs, buttons, levers, etc. to
      manipulate to obtain the stitch pattern. I've knitted a few of the
      swatches, and it knits nicely with sport weight yarns, but jambs up
      using worsted weight, even when cast on EON. So I'll be knitting
      with the lighter guage yarns. The bed to the machine is standard
      guage 200 needle. Here's a photo of my hat that I knitted on it
      using one of the patterns.


      This machine doesn't use any punch cards or electronics, or any
      intarsia or lace carriages that I know of. I'd like to do a real
      project like sweaters now. Are there any books or patterns that
      would pertain to my antique knitter? I don't know where to start."

      Does anyone have suggestions? Send them in and I will share them in
      the next post. In the meantime, I will suggest these:

      "My First Pattern Book," by Charlene Shafer, $15.00 +s/h. Patterns for
      nice items suitable for any beginner to intermediate knitter. Don't
      let the title fool you! We've heard from many knowledgeable knitters
      who like this book and find it very useful, too. This is a great book
      for knitters who have a machine that doesn't do punchcard or
      electronic patterning. Charlene describes the book this way: This book
      is designed to cover the built in features of the knitting machine as
      well as teach basic techniques through the use of patterns.
      Features of the machine to be covered is fairisle, tuck, slip,
      lace, weaving, and knitting every other needle with heavier yarns.
      Ribbed cuffs will also be used. Beginners as well as accomplished
      knitters will enjoy the patterns in this book.
      Many of the basic techniques are in your manuals. Be sure to
      read them. Many have good illustrations.
      Remember that knitting is not rocket science. There is room
      for variation, interpretation and personal preference. Just because I
      use one method, it is not the only method to be used. Try my way; try
      someone else's way. Now come up with your own way. If it works for
      you, it must be right.
      Techniques to be acquired are casting on, binding off, short
      rowing, straight line shaping, latching panels, single motif etc.
      There are four lessons to acquire these basic skills. Knitting
      a stocking hat, a scarf, a Christmas Stocking, and a child's sweater.
      Other patterns also included are slippers, place mats, mittens, baby
      sweater, E-Z tuck afghan, and a table scarf.
      The lesson patterns are lengthy, just to explain the "what and
      why for" of each step. After the lessons, the patterns that follow are
      written much like ones you will find in many knitting books.

      Another collection of patterns for machines that don't require special

      "Pretty and Practical: The Best of the Rocking Horse News," $20.00
      +s/h. Includes all patterns printed from 1995-2003 in our quarterly
      machine knitting publication. Some examples include Patriot's Pride
      Sweater, Shrug, Cotton Afghan, Checkerboard Slippers, several types of
      hats, several types of scarves, Easy Mittens, Ladies' Cotton
      Nightgown, and much more. There is also a reprint section of all Tech
      Tips, yarn hints, and a little bit of humor at the end of the book.
      There isn't any particular punchcard or electronic design required for
      the patterns in these book.

      In other news, we have been busy at Rocking Horse Farm collecting
      items for our charity projects. We have 5 Christmas trees up in the
      store that are getting covered with hats, mittens, slippers, scarves,
      prayer shawls and other knit and sewn items donated by readers and
      customers. They will soon be distributed by two different charitable
      organizations and the slippers will be shipped to servicepeople
      serving in the Mid East. We will continue to accept all items until
      January 5th, except for the Operation Toasty Toes slippers and
      Sheila's Shawls items that we accept year-round.

      Don't forget to make an extra item to donate to your favorite
      charitable cause this holiday season! Take a look at the new photo
      album at the Group Page to see pictures of our current Mitten Trees.

      Happy knitting and sewing.
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