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*oops* White Cotton price mistake, also Holiday Mittens, breast cancer awareness....

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    The previous message we sent said a new shipment of White Cotton arrived. The price should have been listed as $6.99/pound, instead of $9.79/pound. Hey, that s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2006
      The previous message we sent said a new shipment of White Cotton
      arrived. The price should have been listed as $6.99/pound, instead of
      $9.79/pound. Hey, that's better! The cotton is 20/2, bleach white,
      excellent quality (very absorbent and does not break). It comes on 2
      or 3 pound cones.

      We have several MITTEN TREES already up at our store, and the branches
      are showing signs of charitable giving! Everyone who donates items to
      the Mitten Tree will receive a special "Rocking Horse Farm Mitten
      Tree" momento that can be used as a tree ornament or placed in a
      scrapbook. This is new for 2006!

      Need a pattern suggestion? Any of the following knitting leaflets are
      $6 each +s/h: Easy Bulky Double Slippers, "Mitten Tree" Double Mitts
      in 5 Sizes, or Hockey Hat with Earlaps and Headband with Earlaps. The
      following knitting books are $15 each +s/h: Sensational Scarves,
      Sensational Shawls & Ponchos. (Contact us for shipping charges.) And
      don't forget that you can use an Embroidery Machine to add some
      special holiday stitching!

      Looking for something to do on Tuesday, November 21? Bring your
      spinning wheel, knitting or crocheting and join us for FIBER FRIENDS,
      6-9pm. Free! We will be offering a special class on knit hats this
      month. Bring your knitting machine or needles if you wish to knit a
      hat for the Mitten Tree!

      Tamm yarns are on sale through December, see the previous message.
      Floriani Embroidery threads are on sale during club meetings, the next
      scheduled time being Saturday, December 2.

      Recently I wrote about the Awareness Afghan pattern, which can be knit with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. A reader replied with this story: "My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year. Another daughter and Granddaughter did the 3day walk (60 miles) in Phoenix last month. My husband, youngest daughter and myself all went to Phoenix to cheer them on. They had to raise $2,200.00 each in order to walk. They each raised $3,000.00. We stood in front of Walmart and collected money and also had a spaghetti dinner, and asked friends and family to pledge to Breast Cancer in their name. It was a very moving weekend. They have decided to do it again next summer..." It's great to hear about such dedication.

      We have another knitter who asked us this: "I am in search of Lightables. These were packaged led lights that could be
      used in crafts and garments." Does anyone know if these are still available? Let us know and we will pass along the info!

      Happy knitting and sewing, and to readers in the USA: Happy Thanksgiving.
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