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    Cotton Shipment: We have just received a shipment of WHITE COTTON for knitting. It is all 10/2 weight, bleach white, $9.79 per pound. This cotton comes on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2006
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      Cotton Shipment: We have just received a shipment of WHITE COTTON for
      knitting. It is all 10/2 weight, bleach white, $9.79 per pound. This
      cotton comes on large cones of several pounds each. Supply is limited
      (as always), first come, first served.

      The new issue of INKNITTERS magazine is available for shipment, $7.95
      +4.99 Priority Mail (or $2.99 regular rate). This looks like a great
      issue! The cover lists articles about Pet Sweaters, Second Sole Socks
      (replacable toes and heels!), and Hairpin Lace on the knitting
      machine or by crochet. As always, each pattern features a symbol to
      indicate if it is for hand knitters or machine knitters. Most
      patterns are for both. The article about Second Sole socks is a neat
      idea: "Stretch the life of your hand-made socks by creating a
      separate sole that is easy to repair or replace." Other features
      include "Crafting your own bulky yarns," "Paris Fashions," Stitch
      Markers, "Darts!" and regular features like book reviews and events.

      The Winter 2006 issue of Knitwords has also just arrived. It includes
      Socks, Tucks, Utility, V-Neck, and Woven items. The cover picture is
      a man's sweater using a tuck stitch (but on the right side) making it
      look like a seed stitch. We have these available for immediate sale,
      $8.95 each +4.99 Priority Mail in the US (or $2.99 regular rate).

      TAMM YARNS are on sale for the next few weeks. This is the biggest
      yarn sale from this company for quite a while! Special prices are
      available for most of the Tamm yarns, including:
      Diamante $17.55
      Sport 2/7 $14.30
      Estilo $17.95
      Can Cun $16.50
      Micro-Tamm $23.35
      Cristal $16.00
      Perle $8.91
      Kitty $11.75

      Don't forget to knit or sew extra items to donate to your favorite
      charitable cause this season!

      For knitters who have Mid-Gauge knitting machines, remember that we
      published a new book in 2006 called "YOUR MID-GAUGE FAVORITES." This
      new book features patterns for all Mid-Gauge knitting machines and a
      section about "translating" the patterns from 6mm or 6.5mm to 7mm (if
      necessary) to accommodate any mid-gauge machine EVER
      manufactured, as well as information about using patterns written for
      bulky 9mm machines on a mid-gauge. There is even a handy chart that
      lists the model numbers and gauges of all mid-gauge machines
      manufactured in the past several decades!

      But the best part of the book are the patterns, of course. Here's
      what is included in this book, all for Mid-Gauge: Rolled Brim hat,
      Beanie (skateboard) hat, fashion scarf, full needle rib scarf, child
      & adult slippers, baby booties, baby blankets, hooded sweatshirts for
      child or adult (several sizes), items for the home (dishcloths,
      placemats, doilies, afghans, etc), crew neck sweaters.

      There is a technique section that includes: Favorite Rib Cast-on for
      Mid Gauges that have ribbers, methods of transforming stitches for
      mid-gauges without ribbers, instructions for cords and flat tie-
      strings (for sweatshirts and more), recommended yarns, and other
      hints. The book has color pictures on the cover and lots of b&w
      illustrations inside.

      The cost for "YOUR MID-GAUGE FAVORITES" is $20 + $4.99 Priority Mail
      shipping (or $3.99 regular mail).

      If you have a Bulky 9mm Machine instead, we have the bulky
      counterpart book "THE BULKY BOOK" for the same price.

      Until next time, Happy knitting and embroidery!
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