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8welcome new members... and website update alert

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Dec 1 9:35 PM
      Hello everyone, it's so interesting to read what people write when
      they sign up to receive messages from this mailing list. I'm printing
      some of them in our next print newsletter, because it's so much fun
      to hear about what people knit and what their stories are. Everybody
      has a knitting or sewing "story."

      For those of you new to this group, you are welcome to look back at
      the old postings. At this time, this group serves only as a "mailing
      list" for our shop. People who don't want to receive lots of
      miscellaneous chatlist messages are saying they like this format.

      Here are some new updates at our website

      The used and new machine & supplies page has been updated. There is a
      lot to know about DAK cables and their compatability... I've added
      more information in an effort to make it more clear. Keep in mind
      that the only cables listed are for the Silver Reed machines, because
      these are the only currently available machines from the
      manufacturers. Brother and KnitKing cables are available, but I have
      decided not to list them because people new to machine knitting get
      overwhelmed with the long list of cables and black-boxes.

      Also, check out the Q & A page. Every few days I try to add some more
      info tidbits. I hope people especially find the description of
      machine gauges helpful. We receive many emails that say such things
      as "what does a knitting machine do" and instead of rolling my eyes
      and spending the 20 minutes it takes to type a decent answer, now I
      can send them to the Q & A page. :P

      Next I should maybe work on a machine embroidery Q & A page for ME to
      use when people ask me what the differences are between stabilizer
      types. haha