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63February knits and stitches

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Feb 5, 2006
      Hello group, I posted pictures from Saturday's SILVER TEA and other
      happenings in the "Photo" section of the Yahoo Group. Click on "2006
      Silver Tea."

      Some of the things shown on Saturday include a live demo of Machine
      Embroidery on Paper in the form of a greeting card, and the showing of
      a quilt made of machine embroidered panels that Barb K. did using
      Dakota Designs' flowers. (See a pic in the photo section.) Later we
      had Tea served by Carole and fancy desserts. Finally, we saw a
      Knitwear show of items done by Carole and Jason including a preview of
      a hooded sweater that will be published this spring, as well as great
      items done by local knitters as part of "show and tell."

      Some quick news bites:

      ~Here is an embroidery website you may wish to look at, just in time
      for Valentine's Day: (you may have to cut and paste this whole link)


      ~for our machine knitters, the book called CANINE HAUTE COUTURE of
      several different sizes of knit dog sweaters WAS back in stock, and
      we're sold out already. What is going on with this book? Is there some
      kind of huge dog sweater trend that I'm not aware of? We will get more

      ~for Passap machine owners, we have a large stock of "BE YOUR OWN
      PASSAP PARAMEDIC" for $34.95 +tax

      MACHINE KNITTERS MONTHLY and KNITWORDS all sent new issues last week.
      All are available, ready to ship. I will write more about these later.

      ~We are ready to ship the box of OPERATION TOASTY TOES slippers that
      were made by all of you, to the serviceman who wrote to us with a
      request recently. We will keep you updated if we receive any return

      ~ Lastly, Fred has been doing very well after surgery although the
      last few days he seems to be more tired and less energetic than
      before.. so he can still use everyones prayers or good thoughts.

      Thanks, and talk to you again soon!

      Jason at RHF