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329Day 3, Final Day - Daily Blog from Knitting Camp

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  • rockinghorsefarmminnesota
    Jun 14, 2014


      Machines were busy humming right away this morning. People were busy wrapping up their projects or starting something new that could be completed before camp ended.

      There were no special classes this morning, so it was “on your own” for finishing projects. Knitting Mentors Judy and Linda were busy helping again, along with Carole and company.

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      Before lunch we said goodbye to people who had to leave early and special certificates were given to everyone who participated in our Worldwide Knitting In Public photo shoot.

      Camp Helper Evelyn accepted the challenge from Day 1 to learn and teach the Monkey’s Fist knot. This could be useful for a closure on a garment or project when a button isn’t wanted. Would be appropriate as a closure on a felted bag, or could be used to decorate a hat.

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      Lunch was served. Today’s lunch was a salad and sandwich bar. Rocking Horse Farm makes an effort to serve unusual foods every year, so people can try something new. Today this included Cactus Salad and pickled artichokes.

      Table Talk was a discussion about yarns with sparkles, sequins and metallic threads. The upcoming machine knitting contest “Knits that Dazzle” was discussed. Then everyone had a chance to use special rectangular graph paper to create a design that might be used as a knitted motif. The special paper has rectangular graph squares instead of square spaces. This is important because knit stitches are rectangular and not square, so drawing motifs in squares will not be a true representation of the resulting knitting.

      For the Closing Ceremony, everyone shared one thing they learned or completed. It was fun to see everyone’s progress. Many people showed items they finished. The Closing Ceremony was right after lunch to make sure we got to hear from everyone before they packed up for the day.

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      In the afternoon we had a demo of a Battery Operated Cord Twister. It can be used to make tassels for hats, tiestring closures for ponchos, or purse handles. Rocking Horse Farm sells the Cord Twisters for $19.99.

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      At the end of the day it was time for blocking and steaming, yarn shopping, cleanup and teardown.

      It’s always sad to see the machines being packed up but we know that Camp will come again soon. Session II (for a new groups of knitters) will be in a few weeks. Winter sessions happen in February and March 2015, and next summer’s summer sessions will be in June and July 2015. Before then we hope to see everyone back for September Seminar, Sept. 19-20. Knitting events are an excellent way to spend time on yourself while meeting other knitting enthusiasts for fun and fellowship.

      Complete photo album here: