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315machine knit Infinity Scarf with non-roll edges

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  • rockinghorsefarmminnesota
    Nov 28, 2013

      Need a quick gift or elegant accessory for a night on the town at holiday parties? Use your knitting machine and ribber to make an Infinity Scarf with edges that won't roll.


      These scarves have been popular for several seasons but continue to show up in stores like Coldwater Creek, Macy's and Nordstroms.


      We published written instructions in our Machine Knitting pattern publication a few years ago, but here is a quick description so you can create this project yourself.


      Using scrap yarn, cast-on 80 stitches and knit a few rows.

      Transfer 3 stitches from each edge onto the ribber as if you were setting up for 1x1 rib (leaving the last edge stitch on the main bed).

      Set carriages for 1x1 rib and use the wire weight hangers to hang extra weight on these edge rib sections. We call these wire weight hangers "sevens" because they look like the number 7.

      Knit some more rows of scrap yarn followed by 1 row of ravel cord. Then switch to main yarn, and knit. Scrap off and kitchener stitch together to create a loop.


      Have fun with this project idea - the version printed in our publication used 3 shades of the same color yarn to create a graduated color effect.


      The tiny sections of 1x1 rib on both edges keep this scarf from curling like normal stockinet/plain knitting.


      Some people wear this scarf with the knit side as the public side, others wear the purl side out.


      If you would like a more complete set of instructions for this scarf, check your 2011 Rocking Horse News issues or find it in Fiber World #20 on page 54.