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301January Knitting & Fiber news

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Jan 8, 2013
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      1) ROCKING HORSE NEWS Winter Issue
      2) YARN SALE
      5) KNITTING EVENTS IN 2013



      The winter issue of our knitting machine publication has been sent to subscribers via first class mail. Look for it in your mailbox soon.

      This issue includes several patterns, including a new child's size 6 sweater with fitted underarm shaping. There is also an exciting new Canada maple leaf pattern.

      Paid subscribers can take advantage of the special offer for a free DesignaKnit download, or a discount on Scarf and Shawl pattern books for the knitting machine. (Offer expires April 1.)


      2) YARN SALE

      Tamm Rayito $20.00

      Bebe Tamm -- Solid $18.55

      Bebe Tamm -- Print $19.55

      Tamm Estilo $17.00

      TAMM RAYITO (regular price $21.75) is a medium weight yarn with good wear and washability. 73% Acrylic / 27% Nylon with 2,281 yards per 1 pound cone. Suggested knitting machine (standard) tension: 6 - 8, or use 2 strands on bulky machine on tension 5. Suggested handknitting needle 5 - 6.

      TAMM BEBE (regular price $20.25 solid colors, $21.25 print & variegated) is a sport weight yarn. Whether double-up or single it produces a good soft texture for many types of garments. Ideal for beginner and custom knitters. 100% acrylic with approximately 2,236 yards per 1 pound cone. Suggested knitting machine tensions: 8 - 9 on standard machines, or 2 on mid-gauge machines, or 7 for 2 strands on mid-gauge machines. Suggested handknitting needle 4 - 5.

      TAMM ESTILO (regular price $23.95) Thin novelty yarn. Highly resistant, good wear and washability. Suited for blouses,
      baby clothes and dresses. 60% Acrylic / 40% Nylon with 3.670 yards per 1 pound cone. Suggested knitting machine (standard) tension: 6 - 8, or use 2 strands on bulky machine on tension 3 - 5, or use a single strand on bulky machine on tension 9 for a lacy handknit look. Suggested handknitting needle 2 - 3.

      LAMB'S PRIDE by BROWN SHEEP $5.00 selected closeout colors

      (regular price: $7.99-9.99/skein)



      ***Silver Tea and Knit Show***

      Saturday, February 2 1:30-3:30pm

      This year's theme: ~Emerald City~

      Featuring a Trunk Show of knit garments from Brown Sheep Yarns

      You are invited to our annual Knitting Tea! You are welcome to bring something for show-and-tell that fits with the theme. It can be something made recently or something from the past. Have fun and get creative with the theme idea! Use emerald green as a color or make something related to Emerald City from books and movies.



      Brother and KnitKing knitting machine carriages have an option for KCI or KCII. This feature is for end needle selection. When doing a lace or tuck pattern (our Versatility Tuck Circle Scarf, for example) if the pattern selection isn't working correctly double check this setting. It may need to be on KCII instead of KCI.

      If the wrong KC setting is used, the machine may become confused about where to start selecting needles for the pattern.

      Read the section of the manual that describes KCII

      *Note* machines from the 1970's or before will not have a KCII option to prevent end needle selection.


      5) KNITTING EVENTS IN 2013

      We have set the date for the 2013 September Seminar and hope you can join us that weekend or for some of our other events in 2013:

      January 19 - CSM Sock Knitting Machine Gathering, free, 10-6

      February 2 - Silver Tea & Knit Show, free, 1:30-4:00

      February 15-16 - Winter Knit-In (bring machines) registration required

      May 19 - CSM Sock Knitting Machine Gathering, free, 10-6

      June 13-16 - Knit Camp (bring machines) registration required

      Sept. 20-21 - September Seminar, registration required

      Other classes thru the year will be listed in the Rocking Horse News.

      ***Knit Club meets the first Saturday of every month (2nd Sat. in Oct, Nov, Dec) at 1:30, free.

      Happy Knitting!