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282January 7th - a holiday for knitters and spinners!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Jan 6, 2012
      Happy Saint Distaff's Day!

      Saint Distaff's Day (January 7th) is a traditional holiday in England dating back centuries. It celebrates the end of the Christmas season when spinning wool and knitting was taken up again. Legend says that after the 12 days of Christmas, young women would once again take up their spinning at their wheels and distaffs. Young men would try to prank the women by setting fire to the raw flax waiting to be spun, so the women would throw buckets of water at the flax as well as the young men.

      In modern times, guilds in the British Isles, Canada, and New England states gather to spin and knit, and share leftover Christmas goodies.

      We celebrate Saint Distaff's Day at Rocking Horse Farm by having a spinning and knitting circle from 10-6 on January 7th, and sharing leftover Christmas goodies. At 1:30 we have our regularly scheduled first-Saturday Knit Club (with show-and-tell and a demo). This year's demo is how to use a spinning wheel to ply yarns making a unique blend for hand or machine knitting.

      Do you know of other Saint Distaff Day events? We are creating a list of all events on Ravelry. Drop us an email with details or pics of your event. Let's keep this fun tradition alive!