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199knitting & stitching news for September

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  • rockinghorsefarmminnesota
    Sep 2 1:00 PM
      -SEPTEMBER SEMINAR---------------------------------------------------

      Coming soon! Demonstrations by Carol Foster, Pat Plett, and more... Sept. 18-19, 2009. Details will be sent in a separate message.

      -YARNS ON SALE-------------------------------------------------------

      Tamm Yarn Sale, September 1-30, 2009: - Rayito $18.75

      "The Fall Season makes us think of the fall and holiday knitting we want to do... Rayito is great for many of your projects. It is a great yarn for children and feels so good in a sweater or afghan..."

      Special Roll-Back Sale: Estilo - $17.00

      "Great for summer knitting, shawls, baby clothes, table clothes and much more."

      -FUN LINKS TO SHARE--------------------------------------------------

      Recently a knitter asked for a source for Barbie Doll clothes. Check this link from the UK for crochet, handknit & machine knit Barbie fashions:


      Here is a link to some quilting done by a customer of ours in California, note the "Picture Bear" quilt design:


      -NEW PATTERN BOOK----------------------------------------------------

      Crafty Ideas 2009
      for Machine Knitters

      Printed in Color
      Row by Row Instructions

      Hanging Kitchen Hand Towel
      Class Sweater (Cozy)
      Glass Sweater with Monogram
      Chicken Potholder
      Almost Square Potholder
      Ladies Ribber Slippers
      Boot Slippers
      Baby Fisherman's Rib Hat
      Baby Cardigan Sweater
      Tuck Baby Blanket
      2 Color Tuck Baby Blanket
      Pajamas for 18" Dolls
      Diamond Tuck Afghan
      Almost Square Decorator Pillow

      Book $18.00

      Disk $10.00 (specify 930, 940 or DAK)


      We've heard reports that some subscribers received their Summer 2009 (Rug) issues several weeks late. Always let us know if you think you haven't received your copy or if you have a question about your subscription.


      Has anybody tried the rug ideas from the summer issue of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS? We'd like to hear about it.

      Subscriber Jan R. says she is having fun with the Toothbrush Needle Tool we advertised in that issue, and is using up old fabric she has had around forever.