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121Color pics from the ROCKING HORSE NEWS are now in the "photos" section

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    May 16, 2007
      Hello group, check the "photos" section to see the color pictures
      from the current ROCKING HORSE NEWS "THINK GREEN" special issue. The
      pictures are easy to find, click "photos" and look for the first
      folder. Check out the "THINK GREEN" Cotton Shopping Bag, the Yarn &
      Lace Padded Hanger, new wool/bamboo blend sock yarn, and more.

      If you aren't a subscriber and would like to purchase this special
      issue, the cost is $3.00 (includes s/h). We stuffed this issue full
      of articles about jumping onto the "GREEN" bandwagon with knitting
      and other fiber crafts.

      Some feature articles:

      -Keep your machine and pattern investments "green" with our simple
      tips to preserve and protect your stash

      -Organic yarns and fibers

      -reuse old wool garments by recycling them into felting projects

      -"Green Machine" checklist to protect your sewing or knitting machine

      -ideas to use up your stash of leftover yarns and materials

      -and more!!!