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117machine embroidery projects, yarn sale, and more...

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Mar 8, 2007
      Hello group, I've put up a folder of some pictures taken during the
      March Embroidery Club meeting. Check out the 3-dimensional lace
      project that was shown at club, and the other neat projects.

      Some of the favorite embroidery websites mentioned at club include:

      www.suebox.com (for free standing lace)

      http://www.kodesign.de/animalframe.htm (nice peacock designs)

      http://www.annthegran.com/ (tons of stuff)



      Tamm Yarn company is offering the following yarns on a special sale
      until March 31:

      ~~DIAMANTE, $19.35 per 1 pound cone!

      75% Acrylic/25% Nylon
      2,133 yards per pound
      Suggested knitting tension: 5-6 on standard gauge machine
      Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and mild
      soap) and dry (low heat).
      Comments: Highly stain and wear resistant, good wear and washability.
      Suited for blouses, skirts, suits dresses, and baby clothes.

      ~~NORDIC, $15.00 per 1 pound cone! (compare this price per ounce to
      department store yarn of cheaper quality!)
      100% acrylic
      Approx. 1,112 yards per cone
      Suggested knitting tension: 7 or 8 on the mid-gauge or 10 on E.O.N.
      on the standard machine, or comparable handknitting needles
      Washing instructions: Machine Wash and Dry
      Comments: Great for afghans, baby items, sweaters, hats & scarves and
      general knitting. It has a nice twist and a soft feel.

      ~~Attention Hand Knitters....
      Our yarns are not just for machines.
      Forget tying-in new ends of yarn.
      Enjoy working with cones!