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110Silver Tea & Fiber Arts (knit & sew) Style Show, Sat. Feb. 3... and more news!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Feb 2, 2007
      Hello readers, you are cordially invited to our annual Silver Tea
      event. I'm sending this reminder anouncement because some have
      emailed to ask for the details again!

      Once each year we invite all our readers and crafty friends to a tea,
      always held on the first Saturday of February. We always have a
      special show to go with it, such as a trunk show from Knitwords
      Magazine or a designer. Last year Barb Kuklok showed machine
      embroidered quilt tops and other items. This year we have a sort
      of "multi-media" show planned. Come have some hot coffee or tea and
      get ready to be dazzled! There will be door prizes for everyone, a
      special one-day only sale on design books & patterns, thread sale,
      selected yarns 10-15% off, and more.

      For those of you that aren't near enough to attend, look for pictures
      of the event in the "PHOTOS" section of this yahoo group. ((Remember,
      you must be registered and logged in with your password to use that

      IN OTHER NEWS...
      The TAMM YARN company has announced price increases effective
      February 1st. Yes, February 1st. We did not receive a warning of this
      from the company.

      However, since we appreciate your business, we are offering a special
      ONE DAY ONLY sale for those who attend our Silver Tea. All Tamm yarns
      will be 10% off. AND... as a special "sweetheart" sale (because you
      are all sweethearts, heehee) the sale price will be offered at the
      old prices. So, not only are you saving 10%, but we haven't raised
      the price to reflect the increase from the company:

      +++ALL TAMM YARNS will be 10% OFF the old pre-increase PRICE+++

      (The fine print: sale is limited to colors we have on hand, we
      obviously can't afford to do this on special orders. But if you've
      been here, you know we have hundreds (thousands?) of Tamm cones IN
      STOCK. Those who attend our special event tomorrow will receive first
      choice of colors.)

      Since we have many friends and readers who live in other parts of the
      world, we WILL offer this sale to you, too. Even if you live in a
      warmer climate. :)

      Here's how you can take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime sale:
      email your order to us by midnight on Saturday, February 3. You will
      receive a response telling you the total amount with shipping (we
      always ship the most economical way to save you $$ ) and a
      confirmation that the colors/yarns you requested are available.
      Payment instructions will be included in this message. Be sure to
      include the color preference and your zip code so we can determine
      shipping cost.

      Orders will be filled in the order they are received, on a first-
      come, first-serve basis. Special price discount valid while supplies
      last, expires at midnight.


      We are hosting a Silver Tea and will not be able to help you on the
      telephone, sorry.

      Keep in mind that this sale is not offered by the yarn company, it is
      just to show our appreciation to you.


      If you are not familiar with TAMM YARNS, here is some great
      information! Tamm yarns are prefered by handknitters, crocheters,
      machine knitters and yarn crafters because of the quality, durability
      and reputation. Hand knitters particularly like knitting from the
      cones because it saves time -fewer ends to knot together- and less
      worry checking dyelots.

      Tamm has a great variety of yarns ranging from fine dress yarns to
      economical sport weights and worsted weight. You may wish to save
      this information for future reference!

      ~~TAMM YARNS~~

      Prices per cone, shipping charges extra. Prices effective February 1,

      3 Ply Astracryl 3/16 100% Acrylic 3.16
      2564 yards
      1 lb cones

      Cristal 2/12 68% Acrylic/ 32% Polyester 2/12
      2953 yards
      1 lb cones

      Can Cun 8/26 70% Acrylic / 30% Nylon 8/26
      1638 yards
      1 lb cones

      Diamante 2/8 75% Acrylic/25% Nylon Filament 2/8
      2133 yards
      1 lb cones

      Estilo 2/14 60% Acrylic/40% Nylon Filament 2/14
      3670 yards
      1 lb cones

      Kitty 2/14 100% Acrylic 2/14
      3670 yards
      1 lb cones

      Micro-Tamm 100% Acrylic Micro-fiber
      Approximately 1771 yards
      1 lb cones

      Nordic (Worsted wt.) 100% Acrylic
      Approximately 1112 yards
      1 lb cones

      Perle 6/8 100% Mercerized Cotton 6/8
      Approximately 735 yards
      190 gram cones

      Rayito 3/15 73% Acrylic/27% Nylon Filament 3/15
      2281 yards
      1 lb cones

      Spirit 3/18.5 98% Acrylic/3% Cotton 3/18.5
      2460 yards
      1 lb cones

      Sport 2/7 100% Acrylic 2/7
      1722 yards
      1 lb cones

      Trenzi 4/18 90 % Acrylic/10% Nylon Fiber
      2066 yards
      1 lb cones

      Varsity 3/16 88% Acrylic/12% Rayon 3/16
      2460 yards
      1 lb cones

      Tamm Color Cards $6.75


      The above prices are the new prices, look in previous messages or on
      our website or printed catalog (Fiber World) for the "old" price that
      is used for our One-Day sale. We will calculate your order using the
      old prices AND the 10% discount.


      HANDY HINT: If you haven't used TAMM yarns before, you can determine
      the thickness of the yarn by looking at the yardage listed. This is a
      good hint for any yarn.

      FOR EXAMPLE: you may have a pattern from Europe that suggests a yarn
      that isn't available in North America. Look at the yardage listed on
      the pattern, and find a yarn with similar yardage.

      As a general rule, yarns with lower yardage numbers are thicker than
      those with high numbers. An example using the above chart:

      "KITTY" by Tamm has a yardage of 3670, it is a thin Baby Weight yarn.
      Kitty is a favorite yarn at our shop of customers who do a lot of
      baby blankets or toddler garments. Kitty is also excellent for
      knitting Beanie Hats in any size.

      "CAN CUN" by Tamm has a yardage of 1638. We sell a lot of Can Cun to
      knitters who use it for team hats or mittens.


      If you've read this far, take a few minutes away from the computer to
      let your eyes rest. :)

      Thanks for reading. We will send more info about new products and
      workshops for machine knitters, spinning, felting, handknitting,
      machine embroidery, and other news very soon.