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108Rocking Horse News: Winter 2007 issue, arriving in mailboxes soon.

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Jan 9, 2007
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      Hello friend, the Winter Issue of our knitting machine & fiber arts
      publication is in the mail. This issue contains pictures and
      instructions about the special soap project that Jerome showed at a
      recent Embroidery Club meeting. The pictures show how to use your
      handmade stitching work in a bar of soap. The stitching can be machine
      embroidery, lace, tatting, machine knitting, or any other small piece
      of stitching. It becomes embedded inside the bar of soap and makes a
      great gift or bathroom show piece. (Or, use it as soap!) There is also
      a pattern for a Snowflake knit on the knitting machine that is
      suitable to use for the soap.

      Other features of this issue are Doll Clothes: patterns for 18" dolls
      (such as American Girl), a Child's earflap hat and mittens on a
      mid-gauge knitting machine, a review of a cleaning solution to use on
      your special equipment, update about charitable
      knitting/crochet/sewing projects, and more. A list of some
      end-of-the-year closeout items is included, too. After subscribers
      have a chance to see the for sale items, I will post them on the net.
      We are hoping to "clean house" before summer so there is more room for
      our Knitting & Sewing Camps!

      Happy Stitching!