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Re: [RobynCarr_Chatgroup] The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee

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  • Jeanne D
    I have a nook. So I can read ePub books My email for my nook. Specialedteach65@att.net Sent from my iPhone ... I have a nook. So I can read ePub books My email
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 17, 2013
      I have a nook.
      So I can read ePub books
      My email for my nook.  

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      On Apr 17, 2013, at 1:14 PM, "Karla" <pspkarla@...> wrote:





      This book sounded so good that I requested it from a friend who seems to be able to get books easily.  With that being said, I have it in epub format (for the Nook) if anyone wants it (you can use the program Calibre to convert it to your format of choice).  Just let me know!


      Thanks, Kathleen, for the referral.  I’m reading The Wanderer right now, but this might be next on my list to read (I have sooooo many books and soooo little time to read….if I only could quit working!!!  LOL)


      Take care girls!!!




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      That sounds like a good book. I have so many to read and am trying to learn the reviewing of the books that I haven't been able to tackle any of my tbr piles of late. But soon I will be back hitting my mountains and of course with Toni's new book coming out and Marie Bostwick's new one I will have to buy some more. HA!

      On days like today when it is cold and rainy it is a good time to read. After I get home from the library I will probably be doing that.

      Hope your spring has come back because ours is gone again. Crazy weather. Take care and hope you are doing ok.



      Diana Smith


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      I too did not watch any TV today.. But then I program all my shows and watch them at my leisure. I spent the day reading a wonderful delightful work of womans fiction by Carolyn Brown. The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee... This book is one to read when the whole world around you has gone crazy. This book about friendship, family, love, loyalty, parents, and many, many other wonderful ways of a life in a small town in Texas.. This book made me laugh out loud, made me want to cry and kick some butt... so visit Cadillac Texas, where the jalapenos are hot, the gossip is even hotter and at the end of the day, its priceless friendships that are left standing.    

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      Hey Gals

      I purposely kept tv off most of the day. Didn't want to hear anymore awful stories. Got enough of it on Facebook. Someone posted one of the worst fotos of and injured person. Whether it was actual or fake from somewhere else but I told them not on my page and then hid the pix.  A few fake photos, but mostly prayers of support and comfort.  I sewed  off and on all day and read a bit.  I did finish the new book by Robyn. I enjoyed it but was it seemed more of a get to know the folks in the town book. It was somewhere in the late two hunndred pages when it started getting good.  I liked the tidbit of Lou and her bunco nights.  LOL.  I look forward to the next book. It is not Virgin River, but I think it will have it own memorable moments and characters as well. Cheers Jolene



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