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56801Re: [RobynCarr_Chatgroup] A question

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  • Bob Taylor
    Mar 5, 2014
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      Yes Sam, we do have faults, as you would realize if you saw my computer room, but then I rationalize it by saying I am the only one that uses it.
      Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 12:25 PM
      Subject: Re: [RobynCarr_Chatgroup] A question
      GOD, you're a miracle !!!     I can give you several reasons I think Jim is a sweet slob, but I guess the main one is he was not raised to be neat and then fresh out of high school, a month after WWII began, he joined up.   I don't believe the Corps taught any of the men to be neat at that time  ~~ off to war in a troop ship with a few thousand guys who probably felt the same about hygiene at that time. LOL    Granddaughter Emily lectured him, during his recovery from fall and minor problems, about washing his hands and how important it was to do so several times a day, not just after the obvious.   He calls her his own personal D.I. (which he called me once when I was getting on his back about something).    Just goes to show that good men have faults just like the rest of us!!! 
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      Around the house doing chores I wear light, easily washed clothes that in case of a spill are easily washed, after being taught by a mother, to sew, wash my own clothes, iron them where necessary (Thank the lord for perma press) and yes I try to avoid spilling on myself or any other place than a work top. And I do clean up too Smile
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