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  • Minka
    Mar 5, 2014
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      I did indeed look up the Inn last time you mentioned it and put it on our "to visit" list for this summer.  Now that my husband is retired, we wander a lot!  We don't have passports as we haven't needed them staying stateside in our travels, but thinking of getting them now as we would like to venture up into Canada.  I hear we don't need them to get INTO Canada, but need them to get back into the States.  Anyone know any details on border crossing US/Canada? Would love to see some of the beauty up there.  

      You do have those hawks - this time of year - but I bet they've been surprised at your winter!  If they were looking for a respite, it was only occasional!  LOL. I've yet to see any spring birds here, but you can bet you will hear the tapping of my toes when I do I will be so happy.  The snow is still several feet thick in the yard.  We had one drift in front of the picture window that we named the Maine Matterhorn.  It went right over the roof.  I have crews waiting to put in a new deck and pergola along with a small pool, but I don't  think it's going to happen for a while yet!  Too bad, as the guy needs the work - but Mother Nature is not cooperating.  She never comes via the calendar here, but she does eventually come!  

      Loved seeing the picture of your granddaughter.  We are heading upcountry shortly to watch our high school senior grandson play in his state championship hockey game.  Have no clue where that time went!  I think he was just a baby!

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      Most interesting!   I wonder, though, if we would have the same species here in Virginia as there in Maine!!!   The one I spotted twice was sitting on a planter in the yard first and the second time on the railing of our deck and both times he flew off when he spotted movement.   But, it sure matched the bird book as far as the picture of the Cooper was concerned.    I will be careful with my Misty, that's for sure.
      I think I mentioned it once before, Minka, that my brother and sister-in-law had an Inn on the coast of Maine that they ran for about five years.  It was called Craignaire Inn and now it's called Craignaire Inn and Restaurant ~~ at Spruce Head, MA.   I have the pictures in my favorites and it is quite difference now than it was when they owned it, but  absolutely still beautiful.   You can pull up Craignaire Inn on Google (I think that's where I first found it) and see how beautiful the coast of Maine!!!

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