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  • maggie34sunshine
    Mar 5, 2014
      Most interesting!   I wonder, though, if we would have the same species here in Virginia as there in Maine!!!   The one I spotted twice was sitting on a planter in the yard first and the second time on the railing of our deck and both times he flew off when he spotted movement.   But, it sure matched the bird book as far as the picture of the Cooper was concerned.    I will be careful with my Misty, that's for sure.
      I think I mentioned it once before, Minka, that my brother and sister-in-law had an Inn on the coast of Maine that they ran for about five years.  It was called Craignaire Inn and now it's called Craignaire Inn and Restaurant ~~ at Spruce Head, MA.   I have the pictures in my favorites and it is quite difference now than it was when they owned it, but  absolutely still beautiful.   You can pull up Craignaire Inn on Google (I think that's where I first found it) and see how beautiful the coast of Maine!!!
      In a message dated 3/5/2014 1:13:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, FlipFlopFluzzie@... writes:
      Hi ... Offering my two cents worth on the hawk.  It might have been a Sharp Shinned Hawk which looks very similar to a Coopers.  SSH's lay in wait ... They will actually sit on a fence post or wherever for long periods of time to get the smaller birds to forget about them and them WHAM!  They're on them in a flash.  They have incredible speed.  One of their favorite foods is pigeon, but a morning dove would do.  SSH's are a common prey bird here in Maine where I live and are always a plague for my feeders.  I have never seen them take a small bird, it's always been dove/pigeon size.  They actually go back into the city come summer, but this time of year they come out more rural where the birds are living off of feeders.  I live right on the coast and have tons of birds around.  While the osprey might go inland a wee bit to nest, it likes to eat near the water or an estuary.  SSH' s love city dining on pigeon, etc.  I wish they would go back there!

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