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  • Davis, Helen
    Mar 5, 2014

      We have several hawks nests in and around our yard; and coyotes are a BIG problem.  We rescued a chocolate lab pup just after Christmas last year; three of her littermates had been taken by a coyote (Mom and pups should not have been outside to begin with, but that’s another story altogether).  Anyway, we couldn’t stand that this pup might be taken by a coyote, so we took her home with us; figuring  we’d teach her some simple obedience and potty train her and then find her a good home.  Well, the good home turned out to be with us J  I just can’t give one up!  We hear the coyotes calling some evenings; the dogs usually know they are outside before we do and won’t go out.  We have a pair of owls – I love hearing them – but I don’t have small pets to be worried about. 

      We’ve had cardinals all winter (hungry little buggers); a few Blue Jays – I’m looking forward to the finches and hummingbirds.  Last year we had a bright aqua finch.  He was spectacular!   Stupid, stupid people feeding bear.   So sad when it becomes a problem and they have to be put down. 



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      I love animals, no one can dispute that, but as far as PETA is concerned, I despise them and their hypocritical business.  The main headquarters is actually located in Norfolk, where I grew up about 23 miles from the beach.   They are a pain in the arse and have no idea what they are doing.  Saving animals is a great thing to do, but to save dangerous creatures that can hurt humans (especially children)  and also small beloved pets ~~~that is inhumane and I wish more people would stand up to them.

      The gal that started PETA is as dumb as a rock, so I've been told by people here who have had to deal with her.    I can't vouch for that, but as far as I am concerned they are more interested in publicity than saving animals.



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