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  • Minka
    Mar 5, 2014
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      Hi ... Offering my two cents worth on the hawk.  It might have been a Sharp Shinned Hawk which looks very similar to a Coopers.  SSH's lay in wait ... They will actually sit on a fence post or wherever for long periods of time to get the smaller birds to forget about them and them WHAM!  They're on them in a flash.  They have incredible speed.  One of their favorite foods is pigeon, but a morning dove would do.  SSH's are a common prey bird here in Maine where I live and are always a plague for my feeders.  I have never seen them take a small bird, it's always been dove/pigeon size.  They actually go back into the city come summer, but this time of year they come out more rural where the birds are living off of feeders.  I live right on the coast and have tons of birds around.  While the osprey might go inland a wee bit to nest, it likes to eat near the water or an estuary.  SSH's love city dining on pigeon, etc.  I wish they would go back there!


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      When I was looking out the window and saw all the birds, before going out to put out bird seed,  I saw a beautiful blue jay (scrappy little trouble maker...LOL) and, of course, my cardinal family that have been around for several years.  Have watched the baby cardinals come and go.   Lots of really big crows, which I'm not fond of, but I feed them anyway.    My favorite family, along with the cardinals, is the morning doves. that have been part of our backyard family also for several years.   They are so peaceful and quiet and like the cardinals, their babies have flown the coop .
      We are also having problems (only because of our small animals) with Hawks and I have seen one twice now sitting on my fence.   I make sure Misty doesn't go out without me or with me watching closely.   I looked it up in my bird book and think it was a Cooper Hawk, because it looked exactly like the picture.  But, one of the cleaning gals said it wasn't  and knew it because she had worked for Animal Control. That didn't help one bit, because I can swear it's the same and now I have to find out who's right.  LOL    Someone said it could be an Osprey since we are near water, but we are not that close, maybe two miles to Bay and six to the Atlantic ~~~so don't think so.   Just don't want to see something swoop down and pick up my Misty!  So, I need to find out more about them. 
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      I actually heard birds singing this morning for the first time. Could that ran spring is near...One hopes.


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