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Intermediate Robotics Class on Saturday March 13

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  • Robotics Learning - Steve Putz
    In order to hold the Intermediate Level Robotics workshop in Los Gatos on Saturday, March 13, we need to have at least one more student. Since the class is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2004
      In order to hold the Intermediate Level Robotics workshop in Los Gatos on Saturday, March 13, we need to have at least one more student.  Since the class is small, this is a great opportunity to get individual attention and training on robotics topics and projects of your choice.  We will also have a FIRST LEGO League mat and elements available for coaching on FLL competition strategies.
      To see photos from a recent intermediate level workshop, go to:
      A workshop summary is included below.  To register, contact Los Gatos Community Education at 408-354-8700
      If you have questions about the workshop, please contact Steve Putz, steve@..., 408-910-1176.

      LEGO Robotics Level 2 Workshop

      In the Level 2 Robotics Workshop, students should have some prior experience with the Mindstorms system. Intermediate level topics will be introduced, which might include:

        • Hints for constructing robust robots.
        • Using a third motor.
        • Using My Blocks and Variables, and Timers.
      When to use Wait Until, Yes/No or Sensor Watcher blocks. How to use a Rotation Sensor. Automatic Light Sensor Calibration. How to Combine Sensors on a shared input port. Introduction to programming with ROBOLAB. Introduction to Robotic Vision (Vision Command). Introduction to 3-D Modeling (MLCad).

      Each team of two students shares a LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System and Computer workstation. Each team may choose one or more challenge or project to work on during the workshop. Some of the available activities (most with building instructions) to choose from include:

        • A Wheeled Robot with Navigation Sensors
        • A Robotic Creature with Biting Jaws
        • A 4-Legged Walking Robot with Touch Sensors
        • A Robotic Arm with Circular Reach
        • A Robot Vehicle that can Launch Darts
        • A Factory Model for moving LEGO Barrels
        • FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition Challenges

      Students may also come up with their own project or challenge idea and receive guidance from the instructor.

      Workshop schedule is at http://www.roboticslearning.com/

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