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Re: 550 - Not going around the perimeter...

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  • IGGY and Svetlana
    ... From: Matt ... Matt: RL550 doesn t have a learn edge option, it s only 800 series that started having it. 850 and 1000 have it.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2004
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      From: "Matt" <mattcoop@...>
      > Have you tried the learn edge menu feature? (make sure it is for the zone
      > you actually wish to use). It records the length of your perimeter and
      > then adds a few feet of overlap. Hopefully this is your problem.

      > Any thoughts on why a mower wouldn't do the one to two laps before
      > mowing? I have an RL550 that's only a couple of months old. It does
      > like a 1/3 of a lap before it starts the mowing routine. I've tried
      > to start it in different areas and such with no luck.


      RL550 doesn't have a learn edge option, it's only 800 series that started
      having it. 850 and 1000 have it. See his e-mail about his RM being


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