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Re: quick question about stopping the mower....

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  • Iggy & Svetlana
    ... From: becauseimjeff ... The perimeter memory or learn edge on RL800 is related only to edging - you can program the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2003
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      From: "becauseimjeff" <becauseimjeff@...>
      > Let's say in the middle of a 4 hour mow (it did the perimeter first
      > and then started it's crosscut mowing pattern.) that I decide (or
      > have to) stop it for a few minutes....
      > I assume that it will start again (when I restart it) blindly (not
      > knowing or caring about it's past run)....and it will be impossible
      > for me to get the 'rest' of the lawn mowed on that battery....
      > is this true? How much of a memory of the permimeter or the 'last'
      > mow does this thing retain?

      The "perimeter memory" or "learn edge" on RL800 is related only to
      "edging" - you can program the length of edging - 1-2 or perhaps even 3+
      lapses to mow the edge of your perimeter.

      When the mower inside the perimeter it doesn't have a memory. It mows in
      random fashion, only using sensor and the wire as a guide. It will go left
      and then when it reaches the left edge of the lawn it will go either right
      or turn around and goes vertically. There is no "memory" for the inside of
      the perimeter. So, if you stop the mower inside, to restart it and
      button twice - it will ask you to skip edge.

      I don't know if it has a memory left after it stops on edging, perhaps it's
      all wiped out and you have to start again. I don't know. Perhpas, someone
      can share?


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