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Re: RL1000 service manual

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  • gautelund
    Does anyone still has the complete service manual(s) (preferably RL1000, but everything is of interest) - 100+ pages? If so, can you e-mail me off list?
    Message 1 of 24 , Aug 26, 2012
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      Does anyone still has the complete service manual(s) (preferably RL1000, but everything is of interest) - 100+ pages? If so, can you e-mail me off list? gaute@.... I will happily put it up on the web and keep them there for everyone forever.


      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, Theodore Knab <tjk@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know if it is possible to get a RL1000 service manual ?
      > I want to service my robot myself.
      > --
      > Ted Knab
      > Stevensville, MD USA
    • rawest69
      ... Rob
      Message 2 of 24 , Jun 1, 2013
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        --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "wolfbob" <wolfbob@...> wrote:
        > I have just translated the service manuals to pdf format...It was surprisingly easy. (32MB)
        > I think there are two kinds of folk that have Robomowers. Those enamored with the technology and those who want to cut that big lawn. In amongst these two groups are two additional groups; those who fix things and those who have things fixed. It is the first group that I think is neglected. No matter how many tools you give the second group they still don't want to fix things, but would rather pay to have them fixed. Pay most any amount including buying a new mower. It is very hard for me (a fixer) to imagine that the Robomower is a throwaway gadget and it it breaks you just buy a new one, but there are those who have no problem with this.
        > But the mower is a complex device and still it puts on it's pants one leg at a time. What the fixers need is the service manual and kind souls to sell them parts.
        > WBob
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        > From: Christopher Zach
        > To: RoboMower@yahoogroups.com
        > Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 8:55 AM
        > Subject: Re: [RoboMower] Re: RL1000 service manual
        > wolfbob wrote:
        > > I have copies of the service manuals for the 500 and 800. They are on my computer in HPs "Jetsuite" format but I can try to get them into Adobe (pdf) or something more common. The file is 28MB.
        > >
        > > I agree, the service is too far away and its too expensive to transport the mowers around. Those of us that are inclined need data to keep 'em going.
        > Well, this is a problem I am familiar with on my US Electricar list. And
        > the General Electric "Elec-Trak" list. We have these amazing things, no
        > one supports them, what do we do?
        > The problems I see are as follows:
        > 1) Parts. If parts become un-findable, we're screwed. One thing we do on
        > the USE list is try to find stashes of parts. We also have to do
        > board-level repairs since the parts in some cases are pretty unique.
        > Another thought is stashes: The Elec-Traks had a lot of NOS parts out
        > there in the 70's. Some people have collected caches of them and now
        > sell them. This needs to be supported, if these people go out of
        > business or sell all the parts to Iraq for scrap we're screwed.
        > 2) Service: Service is a high mark-up item because in these cases people
        > need to learn how to do it and that takes time. Free service doesn't
        > work too well; someone goes in and does free service, everyone
        > over-whelms them with questions, they get fed up with it and quit. Then
        > someone else has to do the free service thing.
        > This is why I charge for my time, not my knowledge. I'll tell people how
        > to replace the relays and such for free (well, I won't tell them how to
        > solder, learn that yourself) but if you want me to do it for your USE
        > car, I charge $500 for my time. Seems like a lot, but there's a lot of
        > money difference between a dead USE car (value $2,000) and a working one
        > (value $10,000). Besides, if I charge too much then undercut me :-)
        > 3) Dealers doing service. This is a big question for the Robomower
        > people: How much $$$ are parts dealers making on service? Anything?
        > Nothing? Is Fedex eating any profits? What I don't want to see happen is
        > the dealers getting undercut, then they leave, then we're screwed.
        > So how do we do this? Well one option is to teach everyone with a
        > Robomower how to fix it. This works well as long as we're techs.
        > Unfortunately Robomowers are like US Electricars: Normal people want
        > them, and normal people can't fix them.
        > So what do you do? Perhaps have some people step up to offer services
        > like swapping out the REV chips for $100+ shipping or swapping the drive
        > train for $100 or something. Have enough people around the country and
        > shipping can stay within zone which is a lot cheaper with FedEx (also
        > use ground shipping). That's a possibility.
        > Otherwise we will have little islands of Robomowers. Which would be sad,
        > my RL500 is incredible and really saves me time. I'd like to keep
        > sharing that with the world.
        > Chris
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        >Would it be possible to get a copy of that service manual?
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