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Re: [RoboMower] May be leaving the RM scene

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  • Austin Morgan
    Ben I agree that I am not comparing apples and oranges when talking about my robomower and other options. Of course the fact that the docking station is one
    Message 1 of 11 , May 30, 2011
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      I agree that I am not comparing apples and oranges when talking about
      my robomower and other options. Of course the fact that the docking
      station is one of the worst designed pieces of equipment I have had the
      displeasure of owning doesn't help. I have gone through 4 docking
      stations due to a multitude of issues from overheating, bad power
      supplies x2, and short because of a heavy rain. At this time my docking
      station doesn't work and I am not spending the money to fix it again.
      Also since I have a fence around my back yard I can not get the RL-1000
      to mow on a schedule anyway. I was told that it would work with a 38"
      gate if I could get the gate to open, but after many months of trying
      Friendly said oops were were too optimistic and that won't work.

      Of course I am mostly just complaining about stuff because it has so
      much potential. I love having a robot lawnmower, and even if I don't
      fix it will make one of my own. I will not go back to push mowing
      again. Also a yard service here cost $20 with edging and then I don't
      have to pick up the sticks or anything in the yard. That means I am
      pretty much keeping the robot for show more than money.


      On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 06:24:00PM -0700, Ben Sporl wrote:
      > Austin
      > Sorry to hear about the problems you're having/had with the RL1000.?? The significant purchase price and is a huge barrier to entry, one of the primary reasons there aren't more owners.?? That said, you should look at this from a purely financial position.
      > An RL1000 is fully automatic with docking station, meaning comparing with a push/riding mower is not a good comparison.?? You should compare against a lawn service.
      > At four years of mowing, your RL1000 mowed approximately 144 times assuming 9 months of mowing, 4 times/month costing about $15/mow.?? I'm not sure about your area but it costs at least $30/week with no edging around where I live (add another $10 to edge).
      > I agree a malfunctioning robomower can drive you nuts.?? Your mower should never have given you those initial problems and Robomower should have sent you a working unit.?? That said, consider the benefits you've received from a partially working unit and if you invest again the benefits from a "working from the start" Robomower. ??
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      > From: Austin Morgan <admorgan@...>
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      > Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2011 2:44 PM
      > Subject: [RoboMower] May be leaving the RM scene
      > ??
      > My RL-1000 will no longer go backward on the right side. The gears slip
      > with the slightest resistance, like from grass. Works great going
      > forward. I got a estimate from Probotics about the cost to replace the
      > drive train, but it is moderately expensive. Also I have had this mower
      > for only 6 years. Two of those years I was not able to use it.
      > The first year I received it, it spend almost the entire year at Tyler's
      > shop because of continuous issues. In the end FR fixed the issues but
      > refused to give me a new mower, I was on the call with Tyler when he
      > asked because some of the issues put a significant amount of stress on
      > my system, but they did replace the gear box with the 2006 model. Mine
      > originally came with the 2005 gear train.
      > The second time I was not able to use it was due to construction in my
      > yard followed by construction in my neighbors yard that had my wire
      > broken for extended periods of time and an inability to repair it.
      > I got 9 years of consistent service out of my first two RL-500s
      > (especially after the last software upgrade). I know 6 years is not
      > bad service time for a cheap mower. The RL-1000 is not cheap, and I
      > only really can count 4 years of service. For a $2100 unit this seems
      > like a loss.
      > If I can find the gears for a reasonable price (my motors, and the gears
      > on the motors are fine). I will repair Max. If not I have to decide if
      > I am going to buy a competitor I liked Lawnbot but they were expensive
      > and after the Consumer Reports fiasco I lost a lot of respect for them.
      > I haven't really found another that seems to sell to home owners. I can
      > also build my own. If I were to do that I would likely try to get a
      > kickstarter drive so I could get some capital and open source the project.
      > Lets hope that I can get gears at a reasonable price as my yard is
      > getting long...
      > Austin
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