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RE: [RoboMower] Re: Gutter rat - you puny humans

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  • IGGYandSvetlana
    We must live in parallel Universes even here on Earth :o) but I ll forgive you - we are just less than a micron from each other :o) My wife and I are doing
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 31, 2007
      We must live in parallel Universes even here on Earth :o) but I'll forgive
      you - we are just less than a micron from each other :o)

      My wife and I are doing rather well even in this real estate market, Kansas
      City did not experience crash like many other markets - we are slowly
      appreciating - 2-3% per year :o). The smart thing is not to work higher
      price range and concentrate on low/medium prices - there is always business
      out there :o) Higher price I don't want to touch and be really tough with
      sellers on the price and with buyers it's so easy - low ball all you want
      and you are almost assured to get a good deal :o)

      Svetlana actually is working with high priced refinancing all over the
      country, I've been helping her with mailing - this is bizarre, people are
      bailing out of their adjustable rate mortgages like crazy - even you puny
      humans understand what kind of a scam they are now that the market is going
      down. When it was up, they were just gambling - what else is new?

      A shameless plug in - if someone needs to get a loan to buy or refinance a
      house, land, second/vacation home, let me know, Svetlana is VP of Guaranteed
      Rate, a good size company here in Midwest. Basically, everyone of my buyer
      clients gets financed through her - the rates cannot be beat and closing
      costs are low.



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      Hey Mike, Don't let Iggy try to fool you..LOL He's self employed
      but since he's in Real Estate, out of a job right now. :-(


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      > Wow... how much free time do you guys have? :-)
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      > Subject: [RoboMower] Gutter rat - you puny humans
      > Dear Crujym dba WB,
      > Iggy is my American nickname for "Igor" - I was born into a
      Russian family
      > with my memory uploading - my Earth father was in the Soviet
      military and
      > mother was working as a civilian supply manager at the same base.
      Igor is
      > the name given to me by my Earth parents and I had no choice or
      any opinion
      > on it as it is irrelevant in the big picture of things. In
      America, though
      > my name was made fun of by illiterate Americans who equated it
      with a
      > Frankenstein buddy out of comical movies, so I went with the flow
      > changed it to "Iggy" to dedicate more time to batting other
      stupidities on
      > this world - I am after wining the war, not a little battle.
      > Unfortunately, I am not able to reveal the location of my planet
      due to the
      > human species innate idiotic nature of trying to destruct "normal
      > out of "abnormal supernatural beliefs and myths that govern this
      world". But
      > since you are not of this world, just like I am, I don't need to
      > you it's not only plausible but also real that other worlds exist
      > what is here on Earth.
      > In my world, machines and beings like me have same rights - sex
      > machines and beings is common and accepted, there is alibi archive
      for each
      > - meaning that at every time every individual is being recorded
      > their internal wireless modems and uploaded to the central
      computer system.
      > The need for any God watching over you or law enforcement is
      > negated, which allows free choice and expression as long as you
      don't hurt
      > others and the rate of crime in the whole Ohuyennaya Galaxy (in
      > would be translated as Kick Ass Gynormous Galaxy - that is 500
      billion stars
      > with about gazillion beings - the population of the Earth
      multiplied by a
      > kaka kaka kaka zillion and then again kaka'ed squared and then
      some) is less
      > than in the Johnson County KS I live in every year.
      > Here is what normal Earthly thinking is like, I call it circular
      thinking. I
      > picked it up from a PhD who got his undergraduate program at
      > Liberty University founded by a certain Jerry Falwell and then
      went to
      > pursue his PhD at another unaccredited University by long distance
      > for $4,000 - his name is Jason Gastrich. He also believes that
      angels and
      > demons are floating around the Earth. A fascinating dude with
      > logic :o( and myths one can only shake head about.
      > "If God exists, then He has a character with certain attributes.
      He is
      > certain things and He isn't other things. Simply because you may
      > with some of His revealed characteristics, it doesn't mean that
      you can
      > change them or create another God to your liking. He is what He is
      and isn't
      > what He isn't. If you don't like or understand certain things
      about God, why
      > can't you chalk it up to you having limited understanding? It
      seems that I'd
      > embrace that option before rejecting the biblical God and
      inventing my own.
      > However, after hearing you talk on a number of issues, it seems
      that you
      > have completely rejected the biblical God and may be just a
      stone's throw
      > away from being an atheist. With the company you keep, your next
      > "revelation" cannot be far.
      > One thing I'll tell you is the name - it's the planet of "Duraki".
      By the
      > way, one of my fellow Durakies in a human disguise just published
      > research on the effects your society has on humanity -
      > http://www.sitemake
      > On my planet this research has been read carefully and the
      androids garbage
      > collectors are writing now a collective PhD thesis while
      collecting garbage
      > "WTF are these humans doing that makes them act so crazy?" - they
      > mince words, them androids. The beings on my planet have long time
      > abandoned playing around with words and myths, it's only facts and
      > I agree it's dangerous out there. I think you and I need to
      connect and pass
      > on the info about each other's Galaxies to our superiors. There
      are many
      > other idiots out there in this world - many actually in THIS
      world, here on
      > Earth.
      > Do you think these humans here on Earth really deserve a chance or
      should we
      > just end this experiment and nuke them all? Knowing how crazy
      these humans
      > are it reminds me of the Church of Scientology that went after a
      guy Ben
      > Best in California who on an Internet chat room proposed nuking
      Church of
      > Scientology with a bomb to get rid of them. The freaks filed civil
      and also
      > insistent the state files a criminal lawsuit against him - he
      escaped to
      > Canada and is now seeking asylum there :o)
      > I am actually a proponent for watching these humans for a couple
      > million years and see if they are not going to destroy themselves
      out of
      > their stupidity? Many on my planet disagree, but hey, this is the
      beauty of
      > critical thinking - we can always nuke them later.
      > My view is we need to know if robotic mowers will take hold on
      this planet
      > or not and will be worshipped like other deities are.
      > IGGY
      > _____
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      > Subject: [RoboMower] Re: Gutter Rat? - you puny humans ...
      > We obsoleted trash-eating robots eons ago on my home planet when we
      > developed transporter technology.
      > Every home, business and industry, has one and what trash is not
      used in our
      > "Mr. Fusion" units to power our homes, vehicles and such is beamed
      > "matter Central" for use in other fusion units or converted to
      > which our replicators use to "manufactured" goods and food.
      > Our robots are used for hazardous duty, heavy manual labor and
      > services and now incapable of independent thought outside of their
      > specialized duties.....
      > we learned this lesson the hard way, as you will too, some day.
      > We also outlawed robotic simulants....human-like robots, but not
      > cyborgs (I believe you call such fabricated,simulated life-forms
      > "androids"), for any activity, especially concerning emotional and
      > "relationships.
      > We learned this lesson the hard way, too, as will your so-called
      > civilization.
      > What back-water planet are you from, anyway?
      > Is "Iggy" a common name on you world?
      > It is a common word on our planet, but is not used as a name.....
      > I'm sure you wouldn't like the meaning, so I will spare you the
      pain of
      > further explaination.
      > We discarded magical-thinking superstitions also....
      > eons ago after two competing belief systems almost made their
      > end-time predictions a self-fulfilling prophecy in an global war of
      > thought-control and massively-destructive weapons.
      > We no-longer make war on each other, but have had to defend out
      world from
      > war-like from distant worlds......it's dangerous "out there".
      > Regards,
      > Crujym dba WB
      > ;)
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      > >
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      ps.com] On
      > Behalf
      > >
      > > I agree I think they should call it gutter rat and maybe they can
      > upgrade it
      > > to eat actual trash like many real rats do so I do not have to
      > > the trash out to the end of my driveway to have it have ass
      picked up
      > > by
      > some
      > > guy just out of prison who is now making minimum wage (which by
      > way has
      > > went up) all while I have to pay a monthly fee that quite frankly
      > pays his
      > > wages plus a whole lot more. Irobot hear us now we want a trash
      > > robot! Please!
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Robotics Gods are listening but it ain't gonna happen here in
      > America any
      > > time soon, especially with the Republicans at the helm :o(
      > >
      > > On my home planet, trash eating robots are pretty common, they
      > outside
      > > major cities and are supplied with trash by our android robots.
      > > go around each neighborhood and pick up trash barrels from the
      slot in
      > the side
      > > of your house which are taken there by yet another line of
      > robots.
      > > They are android like, very much like us (in a non-human way of
      > > course) chatting with each other while collecting trash,
      > > Big Bang, molecular Biology, history and ethics, working on
      their PhD
      > dissertations at
      > > the same time.
      > >
      > > You also can sign up for the wireless "Trash Voyeur Channel" via
      > > Companion implanted into your brain. Some of the garbage
      > teams
      > > are hilarious and while doing their job also running a "Big
      > like
      > > show for the whole planet and the Galaxy to see - very similar
      to the
      > > "Truman Show" with Jim Carrie - my species loves them androids
      > > their sense of humor.
      > >
      > > Now, you Americans are way off from this with your mythical and
      > > superstitious beliefs :o( - these creatures were developed
      > stem cell
      > > research on my planet about 50 years ago and through laws of
      > > Singularity (known here on Earth and postulated by Ray Kurzweil)
      > accomplished so
      > > much that they are virtually indistinguishable from my kind.
      > >
      > > Actually, we don't even want to know and don't care to know who
      > are and
      > > what they are - as it's not an issue. We don't question gravity,
      > we don't
      > > question them, they don't question us - we all coexist.
      > >
      > > Laws have been passed to protect them and us and they are now
      > members
      > > of our society. They are what I'd call fully integrated - or is
      it the
      > > American political correctness notion? Due to their strength,
      > > and reflexes they tend to be employed where my folks lack natural
      > abilities -
      > > fire fighting, rescue, police, Coast Guard, etc. No military,
      > we don't
      > > have any :o)
      > >
      > > My kind and androids do not interbreed - at least not yet, they
      > talking
      > > about another 20-25 years for that, but marriage is legal (or
      > you call
      > > marriage here in America). It's more of union - males, females
      > android
      > > males and females are free for all sexual and are free to choose
      > whatever
      > > arrangements they want.
      > >
      > > A good thing about androids, they can turn their mute button on
      > > just have at it :o) Not too many folks complain - as we all now
      > > cochlear implants and can tune in into another person's brain
      wave and
      > > just telepathically talk to them loud and clear - so virtually
      > > sounds are emitted even during sports events if someone want to
      do so.
      > >
      > > But let me assure you - the gigantic RoboMower Gladiator Arena
      > > surely worth all the yelling and screaming :o)
      > >
      > > IGGY
      > >
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