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RE: [RoboMower] Sears Keywords for RoboMower

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  • IGGY & Svetlana
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      From: RoboMower@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RoboMower@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf
      Of Steve Jones
      Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 1:17 PM
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      Subject: RE: [RoboMower] Sears Keywords for RoboMower

      Not to worry, what you call a "little problem" is just that, little. We
      monitor internet search keyword use and Robomower if by far the most common
      followed by Robotic Lawnmower. Lawnmower would be the most common generic
      term by far. RL-1000 or other actual model search is basically nil. I don't
      mean to sound smart here but I am pretty confident that they know what they
      are doing when it comes to internet marketing.

      In any case, most people subscribe to a group to learn about something, find
      an answer, or to share experiences. What does this have to do with any of
      For every one person that regularly posts here, I have to guess that there
      are probably about 40-50 who just browse the posts in their daily mail. If
      too many irrelevant, in box clogging emails arrive, some people may choose
      to just quit the group altogether (do you have join/quit statistics?). I
      have left groups in the past for this reason. I don't mean to offend here
      but let's stay on point. These posts look more like a critique than
      information useful to the member base.

      Steve, appreciate your comments. Now, this said, this group runs on its own,
      it's not subject to anyone's interference. People are free to post what they
      want as long as it's not porn, spam, and stupid stuff - so far, there have
      not been too many complaints and if there are, then people will leave.

      The group is growing in ##s steadily, about 50 people joined in August and 2
      left. This is a 4% attrition, which I consider very good. Hence, the group
      stays the way it is :o)

      The critique is what is a critique and an opinion of a user of the mower.
      The group is for users, since STC and FR of Israel do not participate in the
      group, they'll have to listen to the feedback of the users and if someone
      has an opinion they are welcome to post it - it's read and appreciated.

      By the way, I am sure that STC and Friendly can learn quite a few pointers
      about its customers from the critique. If they do not participate and
      address issues, they have no say in the group's direction.

      E.g. someone in the past posted about their negative experience in returning
      a mower to Costco - s/he got a strong call from STC about it. I can only
      guess, but to a casual looker this may be a solid case for a PR revamping in
      my opinion.

      The group is a fluid entity. We love the product, use the product, it has
      been tweaked due to our bitching and yelling for many features - rain
      sensor, blades turn off on obstacles, wide mode, better handling of narrow
      areas, back lit display, faster edge mode.

      If we did not discuss it these issues would have taken much longer or NEVER
      HAVE TAKEN PLACE - this is a fact.

      It is 100% clear from the group's polls that the users of the group WANT AND
      EXPECT STC and FR of Israel to participate in it and they also want dealer
      participation as well as service people. Please, visit the group's polls
      section to see the closed poll on that.

      So far, there has been virtually no feedback from them. The only meaningful
      e-mail came from FR of Israel this summer with explanation of some features
      and hints what will come out - this was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED BY THE USERS

      What I am saying is that STC and FR need to pay more attention to us, poll
      us, ask us, listen to us and nurture us. So far, there have not been that
      feeling. We pay their salaries with parts we buy, mowers, upgrades in
      hardware, software and accessories.

      Public relation aspect of this is too easy to overlook and it is my personal
      opinion that STC as a distributor can do much better than that and find the
      right ways and people.

      My point on the key words is that NO STONE MUST BE LEFT UNTURNED when
      selling a product. It cost you NOTHING to put a keyword variation - RL1000,
      RL 1000, RL-1000, RoboMower, Robo Mower in the web site search.

      Let's say there is one sale per site lost a month due to the fact that
      someone did not put the right spelling, with several major sites and 6-10
      actual dealers now (overall about 15 outlets) that is 15 sales per month
      lost X 12 - over 130 per year.

      I am sure that STC and FriendlyRobotics of Israel would appreciate 130 sales
      a year extra, as a dealer I am sure you would not turn down $200-300 profit
      per month? How about $3,000 per year? You can in turn use this money to
      further advertise the product.

      The circle of life is completed. It doesn't' cost you any money, why not use
      it to the FULLEST ADVANTAGE?

      My point is it's basically a WASTE not to use the correct spelling or a
      variation of the spelling. Relying on generic "mower" will yield many other
      results the mower will be competing with and can be buried in the site.



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