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No RL1000 on Sam's Club web site

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  • IGGY & Svetlana
    _____ From: RoboMower@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RoboMower@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Dan Barclay I don t understand. I have two RL1000 s that I bought at Sams
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
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      From: RoboMower@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RoboMower@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf
      Of Dan Barclay
      I don't understand. I have two RL1000's that I bought at Sams last year.

      Join the parallel Universe :o) What was then is not there now and may not be
      there again for some time or ever again :o)

      I have done extensive search of the site and did not find RL1000 on
      www.SamsClub.com <http://www.samsclub.com/>

      It is amazing that one of the major retailers in the country like Sam's only
      carries RL850 and not RL1000. I have also looked by "Mower" on their site
      and did not find it - only RL850 shows up. RL1000 is definitely a flag ship
      of FriendlyRobotics and should be sold where RL850 is sold.

      I don't know if they or Costco or Sears or Amazon actually carry any of the
      mower in their warehouses, would make little sense for them to do so due to
      seasonality of the product. I'd say it would make more sense for them to
      have it direct shipped from STCs warehouses in the US via DHL ground service
      or UPS. I think DHL is the least expensive and the most reliable out there,
      so to cut down on storage it would just make sense for retailers.

      Of course, it's a no brainer "lawn mower", "mower", "gardening", "lawn and
      garden care" should match RoboMower, but being more specific also can yield

      I am positive that if one can go to the web site people and ask them to run
      analysis of the keywords used by individual users they can tell how many
      people actually looked for RoboMower specific keywords vs. generic. If the
      same unique IP address sessions did not yield generic key search and non of
      the people did the specific RM search then these people were lost and no
      purchase completed. This most likely as a pattern will repeat at other major
      retailers besides Target which has the most sophisticated search matches.

      I am forwarding this e-mail directly to FriendlyRobotics of Israel and hope
      they will push STC to put RL1000 at Sam's Club and also add relevant
      keywords to the sites that were missing.

      I am sure that Friendly of Israel would be interested to increase their
      sales in the US as well as following repair parts and upgrades in hardware
      and accessories to RM through the efforts of the distributor and dealers.

      After all it's the distributor (STC) that has to do all this tweaking,
      pushing, follow up, checking, Public Relations, media events, and promotion.

      The ultimate judge of all the efforts is the number of sales of RoboMower
      per year, per quarter, per season, per month, per week, per day. Granted,
      it's a seasonal product in most of the country, but can make a great
      Birthday, Father's Day or Mother's Day or X-mas gift.

      I understand there are infomercials running in Europe for robomower and TV
      ads by distributors and dealers. This makes it more like car companies run
      institutional advertising in a major metro area here in the States or on TV
      or cable.



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