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8316Re: [RoboMower] Re: Electrical connection of docking station

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  • yho.mysticturner@dfgh.net
    Sep 1, 2005
      My Ambrogio is similar in that the power supply needs to be
      protected. I bought an 12" X 12" X 4" box from Lowe's meant
      for outdoor use and have the bottom wedged open to allow air
      circulation. I'm going to cut ventilation slots in the front to allow
      air to move through, then I can close it up properly. One thing
      I am trying to figure out a better way on is the heat issue. In the
      Texas sun this thing is cooking. It's hard to open it up during
      the day, the metal is so hot (why I started wedging it open on
      the bottom instead of screwing it down). I'm considering some
      sort of a cloth awning over it to block the direct sun. Anyway,
      if I had to do it over, I would have put the plug in a different
      location (we built the house and I located this plug just for my
      Ambrogio) - a shaded location.

      Ambrogio (Senior Antonio) since 12/03

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      > The power supply is not made for outdoor use, but it could be enclosed
      > in a weatherproof housing. When you get the power supply, take it to
      > Lowes or Home Depot and look at the enclosures in the electrical
      > department. You want a enclosure with a cover that has a gasket to
      > keep out the rain with the holes for the cables on the bottom. This
      > enclosure can be mounted near the outdoor electrical outlet.
      > Also, while most outdoor style electrical outlets are weatherproof
      > when not in use, many have covers that remain open when in use. This
      > will be a permanent installation, so if you have one of this style,
      > ask at the hardware store for covers that will keep out the rain while
      > in use. There are plastic covers that provide a shroud to keep the
      > rain out.
      > Hopfully this will go without saying, (Of course, if it goes without
      > saying, then why am I saying it?) but all outside (as well as kitchen
      > and bathroom) outlets should be properly installed GFI types. These
      > are so cheap today that there is no excuse for not using them.
      > Good luck
      > Terry
      > --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "tinapropes" <tinapropes@y...> wrote:
      >> That is dissapointing. My docking station is supposed to be
      > delivered
      >> today and I intend to set it up next to my deck in my backyard. I
      >> have an outdoor weatherproof electrical outlet next to my deck and I
      >> had planned on using that outlet to power my docking station. I
      > guess
      >> I will have to plug it up in the basement and then run the cord out
      > a
      >> window. That is not a very clean installation. What inventive
      > ideas
      >> have the rest of you come up with to deal with this problem?
      >> Thanks,
      >> William
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