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    May 8, 2003
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      From: "Clint D" <clintd555@...>
      though recently it's been giving me
      > User Help Needed errors immediately after it crosses
      > the wire. It does this VERY randomly. I can cut 8
      > hours and it'll only happen once. I called tech
      > support and he said it could be a bad main board so
      > I'm taking it in today to see if I can get it
      > repaired..

      I have had it happen when it crosses the wire a couple of times too. I think
      this happens when the mower goes full speed and hits a bump or something
      when it approaches the wire and just goes past the wire or if the perimeter
      area is narrow or you are at 90 degrees corner of the wire perimeter (this
      happened on my narrow plot). I think the sensors gets wacked or something.
      This has not been a concern for me as it happened only once or twice during
      one single mowing. I reset the mower by pulling the battery out, then
      started mowing and skipped the perimeter edging.

      > i'll HATE to have to cut it manually again!

      This is my third season with the mower and I love it too. I enjoy seeing
      landscaping and lawn maintenance people watch my mower :o) Also, kids love
      it too, so do the birds as they follow the mower when it chops insects :o)


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