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751Re: timer seems wrong

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  • torontoarrow
    Aug 4, 2003
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      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, Iggy & Svetlana
      <iggyandsvetlana@e...> wrote:
      > > for some reason whenever I set the timer on my RL500 to say work
      > > 2 hours and then come back an hour later it still has 1:30 on the
      > > machine I thought it was my imgination but I tested it today and
      > > started it at 4pm and it didn't finish till around 6:45pm which
      > > really od that its off
      > Is the timer actually slow? Seems like your 2 hour work settings
      on the
      > timer end up to be 2:45 in real time? The best way to test it is
      > set up Work Time for 1 hour (doesn't matter which zone) and then
      test it in
      > real time and then you'll see for sure where deviation is. The
      mower has
      > some electronic component that measures time, if there is a
      deviation, there
      > is a problem. However, if its 10-15 minutes difference per hour
      and it's
      > consistent, I would adjust the Work time - from 1 hr to 40 min
      which will be
      > 1 hour in real time. You can have 3-4 zones set up with different
      timing for
      > each zone and just adjust it accordingly. But this is only if the
      > is constant all the time. If you notice that it varies with the
      time, then
      > there is a problem with the hardware somewhere and you'll need to
      send it to
      > the dealer for repairs. I would not personally worry about the
      > differences unless it gets worse or bothers you. I would test it
      out for the
      > sake of interest.
      > Sincerely,
      > IGGY Dybal
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      is it a pain to send them back. I know when my computer has a
      problem and I have to send it back they ship me a box I put it in
      the box and it's overnighted to them. Is this the same way with
      robomowers because if it is to complicated to send back then I
      probably will just live with it like you said earlier
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