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749Re: timer seems wrong

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  • Iggy & Svetlana
    Aug 3, 2003
      > for some reason whenever I set the timer on my RL500 to say work for
      > 2 hours and then come back an hour later it still has 1:30 on the
      > machine I thought it was my imgination but I tested it today and
      > started it at 4pm and it didn't finish till around 6:45pm which is
      > really od that its off

      Is the timer actually slow? Seems like your 2 hour work settings on the
      timer end up to be 2:45 in real time? The best way to test it is probably
      set up Work Time for 1 hour (doesn't matter which zone) and then test it in
      real time and then you'll see for sure where deviation is. The mower has
      some electronic component that measures time, if there is a deviation, there
      is a problem. However, if its 10-15 minutes difference per hour and it's
      consistent, I would adjust the Work time - from 1 hr to 40 min which will be
      1 hour in real time. You can have 3-4 zones set up with different timing for
      each zone and just adjust it accordingly. But this is only if the difference
      is constant all the time. If you notice that it varies with the time, then
      there is a problem with the hardware somewhere and you'll need to send it to
      the dealer for repairs. I would not personally worry about the clock
      differences unless it gets worse or bothers you. I would test it out for the
      sake of interest.


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