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  • atlantasailor
    Mar 21, 2005
      Is it possible to position the PVC so that it is less than the height
      of the blades so the blades don't hit it and also so the wheels will
      run over it? Say only 1" above the ground? I suppose you could lay
      bricks down whose tops correspond with the surface of the ground.

      Jay Smith/ATL

      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Jones" <cfsguy38@h...> wrote:
      > I am a happy owner of an RL800 going into my 3rd season now. Last
      > year, I re-sod my entire lawn and re-laid all the perimeter wire so
      > the robomower could cut right up to the edge of the lawn without me
      > having to do any additional weeding.
      > I have black PVC border separating some lawn sections from adjoining
      > mulch beds.
      > The problem is, no matter how the pvc border is placed, the
      > occasionally has difficulty negotiating it. Sometimes the front
      > goes over and the machine shuts down (front wheel problem),
      > the back wheels spin against the pvc and the machine is stuck and
      > sometimes (especially if the mow height is down all the way), the
      > machine bumps into the border and treats it as an obstruction to go
      > around...stopping, turning, etc which leaves spaces uncut.
      > Does ANYONE have any suggestions for an alternative border material?
      > Or, does EVERYONE go back around their lawn with an edger or
      > weedwacker to clean up the perimeter?
      > Thnx
      > Jeff
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