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  • Jeff
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Thanks for the feedback.

      I realize I should have clarified that my PVC border is all AROUND
      my perimeter wire separating lawn from mulch beds.

      For pea gravel beds within the perimeter, like you, I simply put no
      border and RM drives over the edge with no damage. (Although, this
      still does not help me keep weeds/grass from invading the peagravel
      bed which is another project I have to solve)

      I guess you've answered my question....weed wacker for those areas
      around perimeter RM can't get (like your fence). Someone else also
      suggested a flat stone border that RM could drive more easily over.
      I'll probably need some combination of both.

      Thanks for your help!

      On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 10:07:10 -0800 markf123452001
      <mark@...> wrote:
      >I too will be in my 3rd season with the RL800.
      >For borders around flower beds I have defined the edges with a
      >blade shovel and used mulch in the beds. I've encircled the beds
      >with the perimeter wire to create an island. If the mower does
      >slightly cross the line it just chews a little mulch; no damage.
      >In some other areas where I need a hard border I've used the hard
      >steel border edging from Home Depot with no perimeter wire. That
      >keeps the mower from hitting the tree, or getting stuck on the
      >mound surrounding the tree.
      >For the edges around my fence I use a Troy Bilt cordless
      >This spring I will be removing grass from some areas that
      >has trouble cutting, and filling in the area with mulch beds,
      >flowers, or ferns (shady spots).
      >n RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Jones" <cfsguy38@h...> wrote:
      >> I am a happy owner of an RL800 going into my 3rd season now.
      >> year, I re-sod my entire lawn and re-laid all the perimeter wire
      >> the robomower could cut right up to the edge of the lawn without
      >> having to do any additional weeding.
      >> I have black PVC border separating some lawn sections from
      >> mulch beds.
      >> The problem is, no matter how the pvc border is placed, the
      >> occasionally has difficulty negotiating it. Sometimes the front
      >> goes over and the machine shuts down (front wheel problem),
      >> the back wheels spin against the pvc and the machine is stuck
      >> sometimes (especially if the mow height is down all the way),
      >> machine bumps into the border and treats it as an obstruction to
      >> around...stopping, turning, etc which leaves spaces uncut.
      >> Does ANYONE have any suggestions for an alternative border
      >> Or, does EVERYONE go back around their lawn with an edger or
      >> weedwacker to clean up the perimeter?
      >> Thnx
      >> Jeff
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