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5965Re: [RoboMower] borders

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  • tysamigo@aol.com
    Feb 28, 2005

      If you lay the wire originally about 30 feet at a time and test each section
      before going on then this problem would have been eliminated. I'm not
      certain what version manual you have for the mower but I do believe that the
      latest version of manual talks about "loosely" laying the wire for adjustments
      purposes and then later "fine tuning" with extra pegging.

      The only thing you can go is leave it as is and mow like this, change the
      physical border's location, rewire the perimeter wire (most recommended), or try
      recalibrating the wire sensors to the exact layout (would require a phone
      call to us). Any other suggestions from RM owners that I may be missing?

      Best Regards,

      Tyler Ramage
      Public Affairs
      Customer/Dealer Support Mgr.
      Robo Direct Inc.
      P: 502.742.ROBO
      F: 502.968.9109
      Toll Free 800.811.3965

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