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5875Re: Help with Science Fair Project (Robomower related)

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  • robotsandrelax
    Feb 2, 2005
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      Hi, about your project;

      If you were to compare the RL1000 mower or one of the other fully
      autonomous mowers like the Automower, Ambrogio or Bigmow, the
      biggest benefit would be that these mowers cut the grass once or
      twice per day or every other day.

      The benefit is when cutting grass with a conventional mower you are
      typically only going to do it once per 5-7 days. When waiting 5-7
      days between cuttings you have allowed the grass 'stalk' to grow
      longer than if you cut it more frequently. Your goal is to cut
      the 'blade' portion of the grass, when you allow the grass to grow
      for a many days between cuttings you are now cutting into the
      round 'stalk' portion of the grass. The 'blade' cuts easier because
      it is flat and thin, the stalk cuts more difficult and does not cut
      as clean and tends to tear and splinter at the end versus a clean
      cut. These stray ends of the grass 'stalk' look brown and not green.

      This explains why after cutting the grass with a standard mower
      after several days, when you look at the freshly cut grass it looks
      greenish brown, not deep green. After a day or two the grasses
      color returns to a green without the brown.

      Cutting less of the grass blades more often is also less shocking to
      the grass plant, this is one of the biggest advantages to the above
      mentioned robotic mowers. The other big advantage is the small
      pieces of grass getting back to the base of the grass plant and
      decomposing faster and returning the nutrients back into the ground.

      The fully autonomous mowers are by design 'mulchers' due to the size
      of the grass blades left after the cut, for conventional mowers to
      be deemed mulchers they require specially designed aerodynamic decks
      and blades to keep the longer pieces of grass suspended under the
      deck and above the blade, the more times the long grass can be
      tossed up by the air currents the more times it gets cut by the
      spinning blade. This, in turn makes the grass pieces smaller and
      then can return them to the base of the grass plant.....mulch.



      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "thakiller35" <thakiller35@y...>
      > Hi
      > Looking for some cool ideas for Science Fair Project (HS level).
      > I'm thinking about comparing the Robomower with traditional push
      > mowers. From what I know, the robomower supposely provides
      > lawn due to the fact that it makes much smaller clippings with
      > triple blades.
      > Anyone has any idea how I could prove it?
      > btw I have a RL550 here
      > Thanks
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