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18936Re: RL 800 "Keep on getting "Start Elsewhere" message

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  • robertdkaufman
    Aug 8 11:05 AM
      So here is my update:  Replaced batteries in the perimeter switch, cleaned the area around the sensors, tighten the wires around the battery, reset compass. Steve from Probotics gave me the codes to get into the Service menu (Thanks Steve). That seemed to solve the problem, but then the problem started again.

      Steve says he believes that it is a circuit board. Before I do that I will see about taking the top off and seeing if there is anything loose. I purchased a DMM, I may as well try that also. But it is looking like I may have to replace the circuit board. Not sure if that is worth the cost, since there is no guarantee it will solve the problem. Anyway thanks for all of your ideas.

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